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Published date: 2 January 2023
20 January 2023 on 8:59 am

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Acunetix 360

Acunetix 360 was developed to integrate seamlessly into your existing cybersecurity environment and to cooperate with the various other solutions you use. Acunetix 360 may be deployed either on-premises or as a cloud service, and it can work in conjunction with other security technologies to provide you with even more comprehensive protection. You are able to strengthen your security without putting a strain on your resources because to the excellent performance and wide integration possibilities offered.

Acunetix is a firm believer in the SecDevOps methodology, which emphasizes incorporating security practices into everyday operations. Acunetix 360 is able to assist you in accomplishing this goal by making it simple for non-security workers to incorporate security considerations into their regular job. You will be able to strengthen your total security posture as a result of this, since you will not only be able to detect and patch vulnerabilities, but you will also be able to avoid vulnerabilities in the future.

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  1. Acunetix 360 makes use of a one-of-a-kind web-based dashboard that was tailored specifically for businesses and enhanced to handle a great number of assets. It provides you with executive views and reports in addition to comprehensive information for analysts, all of which may assist you in evaluating your current security posture.
  2. Active Directory has the capability of integrating with user management systems. Integration with Jira, Jenkins, GitLab, GitHub, TeamCity, Azure DevOps, and Slack are just some of the platforms that may be utilized for vulnerability management. Integrations are very painless and can typically be set up in just a few minutes. The Acunetix team is able to construct bespoke APIs if the situation is not conventional.
  3. Crawler technology, which was pioneered by search engines, is utilized by continuous discovery engines in order to locate assets that may be associated with your organization. It will offer you with probable scan targets based on information gathered from domain names, domain registration information, SSL certificates, and other sources.
  4. If you integrate Acunetix 360 into your CI/CD pipelines, the software engineers working on your project will receive thorough reports outlining any security flaws they may have accidentally introduced into the code. These reports provide recommendations for correcting the issue. Engineers do not experience frustration and are able to continually develop their security-related abilities since false positives occur so infrequently.
  5. Because Acunetix operates at such a high level of performance, the CI/CD pipeline scans have very little of an effect on the rate of delivery. They are readily capable of being carried out jointly as a component of full test suites, which may also include scans that are analogous to those based on other goods.
  6. To further automate security scanning, you may employ two-way interaction with certain problem trackers. This will allow for seamless data exchange. Your issue tracker may be set to quickly launch a scan following a change in the problem’s status, allowing the engineer to rapidly determine whether or not the modification resulted in a security vulnerability.



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