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Published date: 2 December 2022
20 January 2023 on 10:15 am

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Atlantis Word Processor

A user-friendly, completely customisable, and completely portable word processor is Atlantis Word Processor. It is perfect for students as well as professional and amateur writers. It was once known as Atlantis Ocean Mind. The capabilities that Atlantis Word Processor provides are extremely beneficial to small enterprises. You may use the programme on any device as long as it supports Windows because it is entirely portable. Additionally, Wine may be used to run the programme on Linux. Take a flash drive wherever you wish to write after installing the programme on it. You may quickly insert your flash drive with the programme loaded and copy it to your home computer so that you can continue to write at home, for instance, if you have the software installed on your office desktop but not on your home desktop. You can create ebooks that can be read on a Kindle, a laptop, a smartphone, or any other device. With a few clicks, you can quickly convert any document into an electronic book.

Atlantis Word Processor’s formatting, mobility, adjustable formal palette, file backup, and clip collection are its key advantages. The advantages of the Atlantis Word Processor are further described as follows:

Formatting Changes

A strong formatting tool with a tonne of possibilities is included in Atlantis Word Processor. You may choose from a variety of font styles, sizes, and colours. Select texts can even be highlighted. The paragraph styles can be altered to enhance readability or correspond to the project you are working on. You may also build columns that seem like they belong in a newspaper. Each part has its own page settings when a document is divided into sections. A table of contents may also be added, which is useful for developing electronic periodicals or books.

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100% transportable

You may use Atlantis Word Processor on any device as long as it complies with Atlantis’ system requirements because it is entirely portable. This is advantageous for authors or company owners who travel frequently. Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 are the supported operating systems. It can also be used with Wine on Linux. For the best performance from this word processor, the vendor advises using a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or above.

Individualized Format Palette

The formatting palette in the Atlantis Word Processor may be used to select formatting templates that go well with your title, heading style, and paragraph style in addition to colours. You may either create your own custom palette or utilise the software’s default palette.

Archive Files

A Backup Files feature is included in Atlantis Word Processor. All of your open documents may be automatically backed up by the programme. Your various documents are organised in subfolders inside the Atlantis Backup Folder. Additionally, previous versions of your papers are preserved in a specific folder so that you may easily access them in the future. This feature is beneficial since it allays your fears of losing work you’ve put a lot of effort into. Here is an article that will help you further simplify your procedures using document management software products.

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The Atlantis Word Processor’s primary attributes are:

  1. Publishing eBooks
  2. Formatting for Fonts and Paragraphs
  3. Tool for Backup Files
  4. Display Palette
  5. 100% transportable
  6. Completely Modifiable
  7. Style Guides
  8. Clip Archive
  9. mouse cursor like a brush
  10. Sample Letters and Document Templates


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