Auslogics File Recovery Pro + Crack 2023

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Published date: 8 January 2023
19 January 2023 on 12:49 pm

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Auslogics File Recovery

The robust and user-friendly solution known as Auslogics File Recovery may be used to recover files that have been accidentally lost, as well as files that have been deleted due to virus attacks or software faults.

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Features :

  1. Recover Any File: It’s rather uncommon for us to delete a file, then empty the Recycle Bin, after which the file is gone forever. During a transaction involving a file, software applications can unexpectedly crash, and this can lead to the file being deleted by accident. Viruses are yet another prevalent factor that can lead to data loss. File Recovery is the tool that will come to your aid in this situation.
  2. You may decrease the amount of time it takes to recover files by taking use of the extensive search options that are available. You are able to pick the disks that you want the application to search for deleted data on as well as describe the sorts of files that you are looking for while using this tool.
  3. Securely Erase Files The File Shredder is an invaluable function that should be utilized by anybody who desires to assure the prompt and full deletion of a confidential file from the active disk drive. Only a minority of people are aware that even after the Recycle Bin has been emptied, sophisticated recovery solutions such as Auslogics File Recovery may still retrieve data that have been deleted in the typical manner.
  4. Take Advantage of the Program’s Useful Function to Generate an Image of Your Disk Utilize the program’s helpful feature that enables you to create an image of the entire disk. The image of the logical drive that is stored within the disk image file contains every piece of data that is present on the disk, even any items that have been erased.
  5. Preview Your Data Before Restoring It One further significant advantage of using Auslogics File Recovery is that it provides advanced preview options. While you are looking through the list of items that were detected during the scan, the application gives you the option to view images, videos, documents, and PDF files directly from within the program itself.
  6. Wipe Free Hard Space: Disk Wiper, which functions similarly to File Shredder, deletes files from your disk drive in a safe and secure manner. The key distinction is that this wizard will clear up all of the unused space on your hard disk, erasing any and all traces of previously deleted data completely.Changed the colors of a few buttons on the user interface.
  7. The Rescue Center now has an option that allows users to select the disk on which the Rescue Center data will be stored.
  8. There were a few small problems that were fixed.



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