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Published date: 8 January 2023
19 January 2023 on 12:31 pm

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Bandicam offers performance considerably superior to other screen capture programs that do comparable activities. It will assist you in carrying out a game capture with a high compression ratio while maintaining a video quality that is closer to the original work.

A particular section of a PC screen or an application using DirectX or OpenGL may be recorded with Bandicam. Bandicam offers performance much greater to other applications that offer comparable features. It will assist you in carrying out a video record with a high compression ratio while maintaining a video quality that is closer to the original work.

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  1. Real-time drawing and outlining of your screenshot or video.
  2. On the video you are recording, include a webcam selfie.
  3. begin recording on a daily or weekly schedule at a set time.
  4. Concurrently record your voice and the audio from the system.
  5. While recording, add an animation and mouse click effect.
  6. Real-time screen recording while creating a chroma-critical video.
  7. The captured file may be uploaded directly to YouTube without being converted.
  8. Compared to competing apps, the recorded file size is significantly less.
  9. Without pausing, you may record for up to 24 hours.
  10. You can capture high-quality video at resolutions up to 2560 x 1600.
  11. Compared to other capture applications, there will be a lot less latency.
  12. Screen recording: With Bandicam, you may capture every aspect of your computer’s display and save it as either an image file or a screencast video file (MP4, AVI).
  13. Game recording: With Bandicam, you may record a variety of 2D and 3D games in 4K UHD and up to 480 FPS.
  14. Add a webcam video of yourself as an overlay to the video you are now filming.
  15. Chroma Key for Webcam Overlay: Record your computer screen while simultaneously creating a chroma key video.
  16. Webcams, Xboxes, Playstations, smartphones, IPTVs, and other external video devices can all be recorded using Bandicam.



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