What does DriverMax do?

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Published date: 11 December 2022
4 January 2023 on 11:43 am

Innovative Solutions produces DriverMax, a driver updater. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 are all supported. It is made to make it simple for users to scan, backup, restore, and update their computer’s drivers with only a few clicks. A lot of people favor it because of how simple and easy it is to use. Both a paid and a free version of the application are available. It was first made available in 2007.
There are several issues with internet downloads of software that makes claims to be able to solve computer problems. This is primarily attributable to its aggressive advertising strategies, which some people may find rather bothersome, especially if they take the form of pop-up windows. They might also be present on a variety of websites. Aside from this, some people might be terrified of the prospect that these programs are nothing more than viruses that could sneak into their computer and infect it under the pretense of being a program for computer optimization.
DriverMax is an entirely safe program that fulfills all of its promises. It’s competent of
How does it function?
The computer’s drivers are in charge of establishing communication between the operating system and hardware components. It is a collection of files produced by the hardware’s producers to let the components of the computer to communicate with one another. Without it, components like the motherboard, video cards, and audio cards will not function at all.
A driver updater that is already included into the Windows operating system is accessible through the Control Panel. However, if the user is not very computer savvy, using this could be extremely challenging. This is due to the fact that the user must manually check each driver on their PC one at a time, search for updated versions, and then download these. Additionally, they won’t have the opportunity to make a backup copy, which would be particularly helpful if the installation went wrong.
Users may easily update the drivers with just a few clicks using DriverMax. The program looks for the computer’s drivers, backs them up, downloads them, and then installs them. Users who wish to save time and are new to computers are its main target audience. The app’s simple interface makes it easy for users to feel at ease using it.
In addition to this, users who have problematic or buggy drivers can benefit from the application. A botched update or a damaged driver may be to blame for this. Through its driver restoration and backup features, the application can assist in fixing this.

With DriverMax, a wide variety of license choices are available. It appeared to be on sale for roughly $39 while we were looking at the purchasing procedure, but we have seen prices drop when items are put on sale.
System prerequisites
The application is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10, as was already indicated. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are affected by this. The following are its minimum system requirements:
• A Celeron, Pentium, or Atom processor from Intel; • 2GB or more of RAM; • Any visual cards
The majority of users can download it, as seen by its system requirements. Users should make sure they have a strong internet connection, too, as the app will need to download files from the websites of the companies who make the physical components.
In contrast to other programs, DriverMax initially requests authorization before scanning the machine. This is a significant distinction since other users might not feel comfortable with an app accessing personal data without their consent.
The scan of the computer only takes a few minutes to complete, or more if the computer contains a large number of drivers. The user will then be informed by the application of the specific drivers that require updating. The name of the driver, the hardware it is for, and the date it was updated, among other details, will be displayed. The driver can also display to the user information about their computer, such as its RAM, remaining hard drive space, processor, and other features.
Then, users will be prompted once more to update the drivers that it has checked. It will display how many drivers need to be updated.
Using a free or Pro version of the update
Users of the free version are only permitted two driver upgrades. The downloading and installing of the files are part of this. It is still a fantastic bargain even though the number of drivers that can be updated is limited because the user can monitor the state of their machine and update its drivers, albeit more slowly.
On the other hand, owners of the Pro version can update each and every one of these drivers with a single click, regardless of how many there are. Only while the computer’s drivers are being updated is the application required to stay open in the background. The length of the process will vary depending on a variety of variables, including the internet’s speed, the quantity of updated drivers, and the state of the computer.
The driver needs to be updated frequently to maintain the computer’s top performance. First of all, it makes sure that any faults and malfunctions it encounters are corrected. To assure the finest quality, these will be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website. The lifespan of the hardware will then also be increased. As drivers make it possible for users to run newer apps with increased resource demands, users won’t need to update their hardware components on a regular basis. Last but not least, updating the computer’s drivers might make it more secure.

Storage Device
To guarantee that the hardware will always communicate properly, the computer’s drivers are crucial. Users should always use caution when updating the driver as a result. This is due to the possibility of corrupted or incompletely installed drivers. These are failed installations that might make things worse instead of better. However, users can just utilize a backup version rather than uninstalling the drivers and forcing the hardware to revert to its most basic driver.
Users can make a copy of the current drivers that are currently installed in the computer using DriverMax’s backup utility. The user’s choice will determine whether this is stored in a folder or not. When a driver needs to be restored to its original state, the application will use this folder.
Recovery Tool
The program can use the Restore tool whenever a driver fails to update correctly or is currently having problems. It will search for the backup file that the user has saved. By doing this, the driver is returned to the user’s preferred version.
It can restore the drivers in four different ways.
It has a “Restore from a system restore point” option first. By selecting this option, the computer is returned to a particular set of prior settings. This implies that all of the system settings, application configurations, and driver versions will revert to their original state. This function, in contrast to the others, is the best to use if a number of drivers need to be restored to a prior version for a variety of reasons, including a failed installation or the presence of defects. Users should be aware that this totally resets the computer to its prior configurations and deletes any recently created or downloaded files.

Restore from a previous backup is the second option. This utility is for folks who want to update just a few computer drivers. Users only need to choose which drivers to configure and which version they want the system to revert to. For this tool, only the drivers for which they have a backup will be provided.
Restore via a driver rollback is the third option. The user can choose a driver with this feature, and that driver’s version will be rolled back. The files required for this will originate from Windows.
Restoring using a previously downloaded driver is the final choice. With the use of this program, users can roll back a driver to a previous version that they downloaded. This implies that even if they don’t have a backup of a certain driver stored, they can still backup that driver.
In addition to the benefits of installing a driver, Pro users can start their driver downloads immediately. Additionally, they can check their drivers hourly to see whether their manufacturers have just updated them. Additionally, they will have access to customer assistance, simultaneous driver downloads, download priority, signed driver updates only, and automated driver installation.

All users will find it simple to use DriverMax’s UI. The application directs users through the process of downloading, installing, and updating the drivers. The application’s icons help users understand the application’s function. The UI is simple, and all of its functions are neatly placed.
Customer support for DriverMax is quite minimal. They simply provide a FAQ that is accessible on their website. Questions regarding billing, features, and the installation procedure are all addressed here. Customers may also submit support tickets, with a variable response date. The program also includes a list of drivers that may be downloaded to the computer’s system, along with details like the manufacturer and Windows version each driver is compatible with.
The lack of a live chat support facility in the application makes it difficult to get prompt assistance.

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