Hidden Features of 4K Stogram

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Published date: 6 December 2022
9 December 2022 on 7:40 pm

Check out this app if you want a simple way to download Instagram photographs or videos to your Mac.
But you’re not sure how to download from Instagram on a Mac? A program called 4K Stogram makes it simple to save Instagram images and videos. I’ll review 4K Stogram in this article and demonstrate how to download Instagram stories, images, and videos on a Mac.
You cannot download any images, videos, or user stories from Instagram. So you can’t download it to your Mac and send it to your loved ones if you see a gorgeous landscape photo or one of those hysterically amusing Instagram videos. You can just share the Instagram post URL, which is not very practical. Enter 4K Stogram, a software that enables you to download any Instagram photo or video you want to your Mac. You can easily save Instagram content with a few clicks.

Let’s get going:
Describe the 4K Stogram.
An Instagram photo, video, and downloader for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu is called 4K Stogram. You may easily download whole Instagram accounts and store them on your device so you can access images, videos, and stories while you’re not connected to the internet. Both public and private accounts can use it.

Which Instagram data types can I download using a 4K Stogram?
You may download Instagram stories, pictures, accounts, hashtags, locations, and much more with 4K Stogram. You may directly download private Instagram account photos to your Mac using the software as well!
There are more 4K Stogram features. The program provides a distinctive way to view Instagram on a large screen. You may watch hashtag trends, subscribe to an unlimited number of user profiles, and even backup your entire Instagram account with just one click using the software.

4K Stogram Features
The numerous features of 4K Stogram make it easy to download Instagram media. Along with giving you the option to backup your Instagram account, it also enables you to view stories anonymously, download your friend’s private account info, and preserve tales for longer than 24 hours. All the features available on 4K Stogram are listed below:
Save Private Posts, first
By signing into your Instagram account with 4K Stogram, you can download pictures and videos from a friend’s private account that you are following to your computer. You can download IG pictures, videos, and other data to your computer and use it when you’re not connected to the internet.
2. Download Instagram Highlights and Stories
You may save IG stories and highlights to the 4K Stogram in addition to images and videos. With Stogram, you may explore the tales of the people you are following anonymously. Normally, when you browse Instagram stories, Instagram notifies the user that you have seen their story. They can be saved for a period of time more than 24 hours.
3. Download videos from Instagram
You can begin downloading videos from your favorite Instagram users as soon as you enter into your account. Their positions and hashtags are also saved by the software.
4. Create an Instagram account backup
The ability to backup your Instagram account, including posts, videos, stories, highlights, hashtags, and locations, is another distinctive feature of 4K Stogram. However, you must use 4K Stogram to sign into your Instagram account in order to use this feature.
5. Fresh filters
You can organize your subscriptions using the date range and alphabetically in Stogram 3.0. You can use this tool to date- and alphabetically organize your subscriptions and photos.
6. Mixed search functionality
4K Stogram allows you to search posts and photographs in the same way as Instagram does, utilizing hashtags, accounts, and locations.
7. Sophisticated downloads
You can download stuff from hashtags, places, or accounts using this function on 4K Stogram. You can perform a search for a location, person, or hashtag before deciding which media to download and store. Highlights, stories, videos, posts of photos, and other content will all be included. Additionally, you can specify the time frame for a particular account’s content downloads.

If you want all these features, get 4K Stogram here, then install it on your computer by following the instructions below. Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux users is 4K Stogram.
1. Click the downloaded file for 4K Stogram after downloading it from the aforementioned link.
2. Accept the End User License Agreement by clicking Next on the welcome screen.
3. Choose the destination folder you want, then click the Next button.
4. After clicking Install, a pop-up box will appear asking for your permission to run the setup. Click Accept to continue.
5. Watch for the Setup Wizard to finish installing everything.
6. Once 4K Stogram is running, you are ready to go.

establishing a 4K Stogram
You must configure the software to begin downloading videos, pictures, and stories from your or another person’s Instagram account after completing the 4K Stogram installation. First things first: activate Stogram on your computer. If you’ve bought the software, you’ll receive an activation key that enables all of 4K Stogram’s features.
How can I turn on my 4K Stogram?
1. On the bottom right corner of the software, click the “Activate” button.
2. Click “Get License Key” if you don’t have a license key. If you do, click “Activate License” in the bottom left of the software window.
3. Key in your license information and select “Activate.”
4. After the product has been successfully activated, click “Continue.”
After activation, you can now utilize the software to its full potential.

Limited features of 4K Stogram are available for free use. The free version is sufficient for you if you don’t mind commercials and would prefer fewer downloads. You can buy a premium edition of the software to get more features and remove advertisements if you need more downloads and functionality.
The two plans offered by 4K Stogram are Personal and Professional License. The personal license is available for a one-time fee of $9.95 and includes up to 10 subscriptions, unlimited posts and stories, private user downloads, no commercials, and future updates. The professional license is $30 for a one-time purchase and includes all features of the personal license as well as unlimited subscriptions, subscription auto-updates, the option to export posts and captions, commercial use readiness, and future updates.
Pros The ideal tool to accomplish the job for you if you don’t keep a backup of the photographs you post to your Instagram account is 4K Stogram. Simply subscribe to the account you want to use for backups, and it will continue to download the most recent media at certain intervals. In the software’s options, you can change the update time.
The 4K Stogram also allows you to download a person’s private account if you are following them, which is another benefit. Of course, it is better and more moral to obtain their consent beforehand. Depending on the premium version you have, 4K Stogram allows you to preserve a backup of these accounts.


• Free version’s ads

• Performance
While downloading media from an Instagram account, one drawback I found was. It consumes more internet for background downloading and slows down my laptop.
• Privacy
Logging into the Instagram account is the 4K Stogram’s major drawback. Your Instagram login information must be entered into the software when it prompts you to do so. The password is just used for validation and is not saved, according to 4K Stogram, who also emphasizes this on their website. Users that value their privacy, like me, nevertheless don’t feel secure disclosing their social media account passwords. Concerning it, I’m anxious. Password misuse is a common cause of account hacks. Your account credentials become public once the company’s servers are breached. The software functions properly aside from this issue.
I won’t advise anyone to enter their credentials in a third-party application. However, you can go ahead on your own if you wish to take advantage of these advantages, such as downloading material from a private account.

When you wish to download the information from an Instagram account, 4K Stogram is helpful. However, not all features function after a user name is entered. For instance, downloading private account information needs a premium version, you need to follow that specific person, and you need your Instagram login information. If you only sometimes use it, the free version is excellent.
If you don’t already backup your Instagram account, you can utilize it to keep one. When you want to backup media on Instagram, 4K Stogram is simple to use and useful. The 4K Stogram can be downloaded from their official website.

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