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Published date: 5 December 2022
7 December 2022 on 9:55 am

Because the person on the other end might not be particularly tech-savvy, it’s essential that the software is simple to download and set up if you’re offering remote access help. And you need software you can sign into safely and leave running in the background if your main goal is to access particular machines. In addition to providing some of the best remote controls available, TeamViewer excels at each of these tasks. Additionally, it is cross-platform compatible and cost-free for personal use. Although it’s a touch expensive for commercial use, TeamViewer still receives our Editors’ Choice award for remote access software.

What is the price of TeamViewer?
For personal use, TeamViewer is entirely free. There is no trick or demo with the free version. I utilized it for the majority of my testing before experimenting with the enterprise edition. There is no functional difference. Home users have access to all of TeamViewer’s features, which is fantastic if, like many of our readers, you offer free technical support to friends and family.

Paid plans for companies begin at $418.80 annually. A single user has control over up to 200 computers with that license. The following plan, which has an annual cost of $1,234.80, enables up to four people to manage up to 300 machines. These plans are not offered on a monthly basis.

The commercial prices for TeamViewer are around the top of the market. Although there is no free version of RemotePC, which has a comparable feature set, subscription plans begin at $19.50 per year. The least expensive business plan is $59.50 per year. GoToMyPC, which primarily targets companies and has a starting price of $420 per year (or $44 per month if you’d rather pay monthly), is more expensive than TeamViewer despite not having a free version.

Because you can’t cancel a TeamViewer plan on the website, it can be a nuisance. Instead, users are advised to email the support staff.

TeamViewer: Is It Truly Free?
An AI that is built to identify commercial activity enforces the free version of TeamViewer by denying access to users it deems suspect. Many unfavorable reviews on Google Play or the App Store express complaints about accounts being terminated automatically and without notice. Some legitimate home users are identified and disconnected by the AI. But these events typically take a severe form. It seems sense to me that an algorithm would interpret the bandwidth needed to play PC games on a Mac that one of these reviewers claims to have done so using TeamViewer. (Software for virtualization would benefit them more in any case.) Users can appeal in any case, so this is more of a hassle than a deal-breaker.

Support for TeamViewer Platform
Clients for Linux, macOS, and mobile platforms are available from TeamViewer. All of the versions I tried the software on—Windows 10, Windows 11, and macOS 12 machines—supported the capabilities I had anticipated. There are no features that are missing or broken in the TeamViewer for macOS version.

Is TeamViewer Risky?
End-to-end 256-bit AES encryption, multi-factor authentication, and other industry-standard security features, according to the business, protect TeamViewer. The business holds SOC2, HIPAA/HITECH, ISO/IEC 27001, and ISO 9001:2015 certifications.

You still have some control over security, though. The most crucial security precaution is to never install remote access software on someone’s recommendation. It is a typical hacking method used to remotely access financial accounts and steal your personal information. For instance, hang up if a caller posing as tech support phones you out of the blue to “identify a problem” or “repair your bank account,” then demands that you download a remote access tool. Ask if there are any concerns you need to resolve by calling the company’s dedicated phone number instead.

Using Teamviewer: How to Get Started
By its very nature, remote access software requires the installation on at least two computers: the one you want to access remotely and the one you are now using (or the machine you want to access the other computer from). It’s great if this procedure is simple, especially if you’re explaining the installation over the phone.

Having an easy setup procedure is essential if you’re providing support since it allows the individuals you’re helping to quickly download and install TeamViewer and provide you with their credentials to connect. To get started, go to and click the download button. An installer will then be downloaded to your computer. You will ultimately see the main TeamViewer window if you follow the installation steps.

TeamViewer at first launch
Every computer is immediately assigned an ID and password by TeamViewer, which are displayed when you open the program as seen above. You can connect to the present machine using that code. Although this approach is only one for connecting, the same window offers a box where you provide an ID to connect to another system.

The alternative is to create an account and sign in to it on all platforms if you’d rather not enter an ID and password to access particular systems. You can then quickly connect to your own machines by checking the “Grant simple access” checkbox.

Smooth Controls when using TeamViewer on a Windows computer
Both on my personal home network and outside, close to a Portland, Oregon, food cart pod with subpar Wi-Fi, I tested TeamViewer. I used a Macbook, an iPad, and a Windows 11 laptop to connect to a Windows 10 PC. In each of these configurations, TeamViewer performed flawlessly.

I seldom notice when I use remote access software on my local network. Almost everything has a real-time feel to it. With only sporadic lag issues, I can utilize the network to write a paper, edit photographs, and surf the web. The results aren’t nearly as seamless when I’m further away from my house, but I can still easily access the other computer. There is no lag at all. In contrast, a different soft360 writer pointed out that the lag time in Zoom Meetings, which has a remote access option, is apparent.

System audio sharing is supported by TeamViewer, and in my tests it was faultless. I wasn’t too bothered by the music I was listening to. This allowed me to watch videos with sound on my local network, but with some stuttering. Including Remote PC and GoToMyPC, it performed better than the other apps I tested. Unlike GotoMyPC, which can only share audio from Windows PCs, TeamViewer allows audio sharing on both Windows and macOS machines.

File sharing (and Your Face)
Any connected device can transfer files using TeamViewer’s file-transfer mode. It displays a two-pane file browser with access to all of the files on both computers, allowing you to transmit and receive files instantly from one device to another.

File transfer window for TeamViewer
TeamViewer also provides voice and video chat, allowing you to view and communicate with the person using the computer you are controlling. When utilizing TeamViewer to provide help, the whiteboarding tool allows you to draw on the screen to highlight specific items. You can speak aloud, highlight portions of the screen by sketching on them, and even look the person you’re working with in the eye using the audio/video chat and whiteboard tools. Whiteboarding is only available in one other remote management program we examined, Remote PC. A remote session can also be recorded with TeamViewer.

Accessing a Windows PC with TeamViewer while using a macOS computer
Almost Perfect Remote Access
When it functions properly, remote access software is practically magic since it enables you to view and manage a computer from another. Since 2005, TeamViewer has offered this usable magic, and it’s evident. Whether you’re providing tech support for someone else or need remote access to your own computer, every conceivable obstacle seems to have been considered. As a result, TeamViewer is our preferred tool for remotely controlling our own computers from a distance and is an Editors’ Choice winner for remote access software, especially for free personal use.

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