how to record video using tuneskit screen recorder

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Published date: 6 December 2022

Tuneskit program, which is the greatest screen recording software, offers the quickest and most straightforward screen recording option. In addition to having a screen recorder, it can save recordings in a variety of formats. Choose TunesKit software if you want to easily record anything because it can capture everything from gameplay to videos to gaming screens. TunesKit is a potent desktop video recorder that both experts and novices may use.
You might have occasionally felt the desire to record the audio and the videos. You never know when the need to record audio and video will arise. To prepare for such situations, it is imperative to have a backup, and the Tuneskit recorder is the ideal tool for the job. The application can extract audio from various sounds in addition to saving a significant amount of time. In other recorded videos, you can afterwards alter the captured sound.
How to Record a Screen using Tuneskit?
The recorder must to be downloaded and installed in order to utilize Tunekit as a screen recorder. Let’s examine your options now.
Step 1: Install and open TunesKit
Double-clicking the application will launch it after it has been installed. You will see the primary interface for recording once you have launched it. You have the choice to record in audio or video mode on the interface. What the user wishes to record will determine how.

Select the Audio and recording area in Step 2.
Make sure the region you wish to record on the screen has been chosen before you begin recording. On the screen, there will be a “+” button that you can use to begin recording. You will also notice a drop-down where you may select a certain recording size, such as 480*320, 960*540, etc. It also offers the option to record the entire screen.
In the other scenarios, click the sound icon to mute it if you want to record the screen silently.
Step 3: Individualize the recording settings
You must then click the settings, where you will notice a number of fundamental recording options that must be established before recording. If you want to modify the output format, add a watermark, or anything else, you can adjust the options to your liking.

Step 4: Begin the recording
To begin recording the selected area or the entire video, click the red record button. You can stop the recording for a while and resume it using Tuneskit. The video can be chopped, combined, and edited. To cut the videos, click the scissors button.
5. Review, tweak, and save the recordings
Click the stop button when you’ve finished recording your videos to see the entire thing. Even better, you can divide and modify the captured footage. You can cut out and merge the portions of the recording that you don’t wish to keep.

Tuneskit Software Features
Tuneskit is effective screen recording software that can capture anything from your mobile, laptop, or gaming screen. The Tuneskit screen recorder’s features are now being provided after we explained how to utilize it in the section above.
1. It is a standalone screen recorder that can record excellent video music and incorporate various sound effects.
2. The screen can be recorded both with and without audio. As a result, the TuneKit screen recorder gives total flexibility depending on the demands of the user.
3. The video is saved in a variety of formats, including MP4 and Mp3. WMV, MKV, 3GP, among numerous more Additionally, it contains a function that makes it simple to transfer videos to other portable devices.

Cons and Benefits
The greatest screen recording program and ideal tool for taking screenshots is TuneKit Software. It enables you to take stunning screenshots if you need to take a photo. Listed below are some advantages and disadvantages of the Tuneskit screen Recorder.

• The TunesKit software has a fantastic and user-friendly interface.
• It is cross-platform compatible and works with all operating systems.
No time limit on recording
It is incompatible with the Linux platform version, and each recorded video has a watermark. However, you must buy a commercial edition of TunesKit to get rid of the watermark.


Stop thinking and pick the TunesKit recorder if you’re still trying to decide which screen recorder is best. It is one of the greatest applications to aid you in the screen recording procedure after viewing its features, and iTunesKit is also among the best screen recording programs for Mac users. It is cross-platform compatible since it offers the same functions on both Windows and Mac. TunesKit is a feature-rich screen recorder that is simple to use and records high-quality films at 60 frames per second.

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