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Published date: 9 December 2022

In 2014, the Chinese company Qihoo 360 unveiled Total Security to the world. This isn’t your typical antivirus; rather, it combines a maintenance-optimization utility with a respectable antivirus. It will safeguard you from ransomware, phishing, and malware. The fact that Bitdefender and Avira engines are included in Total Security 360 and that switching between them is simple is one of its key selling features.
Qihoo 360, the largest and most prosperous cybersecurity firm in the nation, is about to gain even more clout. It has been operating since 2005 and is currently China’s preferred antivirus program. For 2020–2022, Qihoo will concentrate mostly on advanced cyberwarfare attacks. The company felt it was time to take action in 2020, when the conflict between China and the US escalated into a digital war.
The CEO of the IT firm claims that they have created a “cyberspace radar system” that has already identified more than 40 attacks from foreign nations. It’s significant to remember that Qihoo 360 returned to China from the American stock market in 2018. And despite prior legal disputes, bloatware problems, and mediocre performance, 360 is a dominant force in the sector today.
A sandbox, webcam security, keylogger blocking, and other features are included in the list of supplementary tools. The optimization tools are decent in enhancing the efficiency of the OS as a whole and freeing up hard disks. One of the reasons Total Security is so well-liked in today’s society is that it is a free service. Additionally, Qihoo 360 sells a Premium edition with even more tools and capabilities than TS free for $14.99.
TS still falls short of the free versions of Avast, Kaspersky, and AVG in spite of all these noteworthy improvements. It performs worse than the leaders in independent lab tests (including Avira and Bitdefender). Total Security isn’t the ideal choice for those looking for a top-notch antivirus and uninterested in upkeep. In this review, we’ll go over every single positive and negative, go into more detail regarding real-world tests, and talk about the maintenance suite.

Total security has the following features: Bitdefender and Avira engines; a user-friendly interface; thorough and highly effective scans; efficient optimization tools; and cloud-based protection.
Average lab test results; a ton of pop-up ads in the free edition; a lack of some of the most useful capabilities in 360 Free; and a noticeable speed hit from complete scans.
360 Price and Plans for Total Security
Total Security is a flexible and generous product, as was already noted. With it, you have the option of selecting one of the numerous free plans or the paid Premium edition. Let’s take a brief look at TS Premium to see how much you may save by subscribing for a longer time frame.
Premium Total Security Plan (price per year)
1 gadget
3 gadgets
5 gadgets
A year’s worth of total security premium
$19.98 $26.98 $35.98
Two years of Total Security Premium
$17.99 $24.49 $32.49
Three years of total security premium
$12.99 $17.66 $23.33
First off, the only commercial version of this antivirus is Premium. The length of time you intend to commit to the premium package also affects the final cost. The 3-year plan will allow you to save a sizeable chunk of money, but you will be required to pay the entire amount over the course of 3 years. However, if you pay for one year, the first year is only $19.98.
These costs apply to the subscription plans for a single device; Total Security is also offered for three and five devices. The length of the subscription determines how much each of these plans costs, so choosing the longest subscription helps you save the most money. Overall, Qihoo’s price structure is more than acceptable, which accounts in part for the large number of people who switch from the free to the premium editions.
The user of Total Security Premium may be given certain extra features that make using it more convenient. For example, a Premium subscription gets rid of the ads and lets you schedule cleanups and change the interface’s look. In addition, Total Security Premium gives users access to Disk Analyzer, which scans hard drives, Privacy Cleaner, which erases all users’ online footprints, Data Shredder, which deletes all necessary files and folders on the OS, Driver Updater, and Firewall, which adds additional layers of system security. All of these features make it easier to use this antivirus and increase PC performance.

Free Version of 360 Total Security
Unlike the majority of free antivirus and maintenance solutions, 360 Total Security Free is a fairly powerful suite. It comes with dozens of optimization tools and up to three antivirus engines. Recently, the team introduced anti-ransomware protection, which is an excellent addition for a free service. The following is a list of all the necessary components:
Webcam Protection (stops hackers from controlling the webcam); Online Shopping Protection (notifies the user of any “shady” phishing websites); Downloaded File Scan (self-explanatory: scans any files downloaded to the computer for signs of malware); Keylogger Blocking (prevents cybercriminals from copying your keystrokes and accessing your bank account);

• Junk Cleanup (removes any unwanted files and frees up hard disk space); • Wi-Fi Security Check (this one also contains DNS security check and Password Strength); (optimizes OS performance, including network performance).
Trial Version of 360 Total Security Antivirus with Money-Back Promise
Total Security 360 does not have a trial version. However, a 30-day money-back guarantee is always available and entitles the user to a complete return. As with the majority of antivirus solutions on the market, you’ll need to submit the email address you used to buy one of the packages in order to receive a refund.
Visit the official website, get into your account, and manage everything there to cancel a current membership. Additionally, there is an auto-renewal option directly beneath the actual plan when you are in the buy window. If you uncheck it, the current plan won’t automatically charge you when the subscription’s end date arrives.
Credit cards and PayPal are both accepted as payment methods. Along with the card number, the website will also request your first and last names, zip code, nationality, and email.
360 Total Security Discount Codes
Several times per month, 360 Total Security offers coupons and savings of up to 50% for every plan and number of devices. For instance, PennySaviour.Com has certain deals accessible. However, for your protection, it is preferable to purchase the antivirus through the official website, which occasionally has discounts.
Engines from Bitdefender and Avira provide total security features
That’s accurate: 360 Total Security now features antivirus engines from both top services thanks to a solution devised by Qihoo. It only takes a few clicks to get to the Scans menu, where you can quickly switch between them. Unfortunately, neither of these engines is as effective as Bitdefender’s and Avira’s “original” standalone editions, which fare significantly better in actual tests.
On the plus side, you can use a cloud-based engine that handles malware using a completely new strategy. It’s quite enticing to have the option to employ many engines to examine your operating system because it greatly enhances the likelihood that Total Security will find and get rid of a variety of dangers.
Highly Successful and Complete Scans
You can choose between Full (accessible from the main menu), Quick, and even Scheduled scans when it comes to scanning. While the quick scan takes less than three minutes to go over the most crucial (and vulnerable) parts of the OS, the full scan can take up to an hour. However, it checks every file and folder on a user’s PC in great detail.
You may set up custom checks and choose which disks, folders, files, and applications should be scanned using the Custom scans, which perform exactly what their name implies. Avira, Bitdefender, and the Cloud engine are just three of the three engines that are included in Total Security. To make sure the OS is secure, it would be a good idea to perform scans with all three engines once a month.

Tools for Effective Optimization
On the dashboard, can you see the Cleanup symbol in the lower left corner? To access it, simply click on it once. After that, click “Scan,” and Total Security will launch an automatic scan for trash files and plugins. While it won’t work miracles, it can have a noticeable favorable impact on performance. This is especially true if you have been using an outdated operating system for at least two years.
The speedup, which can be found directly above Cleanup in the main menu, is also incredibly helpful. It’s just as easy to use as the other 360 tools; simply click the Optimize button and give performance improvement a shot. Combining the Total Security tune-up tools will make for a useful routine to perform every few months. They are significantly superior to similar products.
Cloud-Based Security

The real-time threat detection and ongoing database updating of the cloud-based engine are its finest features. That guarantees that you will be safe from any current dangers, which cannot always be said for popular programs like Kaspersky. The engine keeps an eye on the system constantly, watching for any unusual activity.
Utilizing cloud-based protection reduces the system impact of scans dramatically. However, as we already mentioned, it is strongly advised to utilize every engine at your disposal when performing a scan to ensure that no harmful files are still present on your drive. Make it a routine to schedule full scans that cover all engines and to allow Total Security enough time to complete all tests.

360 Lab test results for total security flaws Lots of Unfinished Business
One of Total Security’s most important drawbacks is its subpar antivirus defense. Nevertheless, in the most current AV-Comparatives lab testing, it was able to achieve a flawless 6/6 rating in Protection. It received the same score for Performance and a 4/4 for Usability. This is a respectable accomplishment, especially for a maintenance suit, when compared to Bitdefender and Kaspersky with their flawless 18/18 scores.
We always utilize a folder full of malicious samples and distribute it to the OS for our internal tests. Antivirus software responds to this in various ways: some of them interfere as soon as they detect any suspicious activity, while others “attack” the files only when they attempt to transfer themselves to the hard drive.
Depending on the mode (Security, which constantly scans the drives for malware attempts; Balanced, which waits until the files enter the system), Total Security can perform both tasks. It identified up to 85% of the malicious files in this test. Although you would assume that this is a great performance, Bitdefender and Avira’s standalone editions removed 94% of the virus.
Positively, Total Security is quite effective against phishing websites, which are progressively growing in importance as the main threat to modern consumers. It displayed outcomes comparable to those of Webroot and Bitdefender and blocked all potentially harmful URLs. For the record, we conducted the same tests the previous year, and 360 didn’t perform quite as well.
Every time you access a shopping website, Online Shopping Protection immediately activates. It does a good job of preventing keylogging and hijacking. It’s crucial to remember that, even though we were pleased with its performance against external threats when we implanted ransomware samples on the system, it failed to identify them.

Ads in the Free Edition
Simply said, you must become used to the continual advertising in order to use the free product. Upgrade to the paid edition, which costs $14.99 per year, in order to get rid of them. Free software frequently contains a ton of adverts, although Avast, Kaspersky, and Bitdefender are much less “polluted” by them.
With 360, some of the Best Tools aren’t Available. Free
We said in the Pros that Total Security provides a wide range of practical tools. Some of the most useful ones, though, are exclusive to the Premium edition. Each additional tool will be covered in detail in the section titled Extra Features. For the time being, it’s crucial to emphasize that the entry-level functionality is still respectable and competitive with the majority of market rivals.
However, given that the top maintenance solutions on the market provide more free functions, we still view this as a disadvantage. Additionally, most free tools are underpowered and won’t be as useful as competitors.
Performance Is Significantly Affected Negatively by Full Scans
360 has a minimal impact on the system while operating in the background and traversing the disks and folders in the usual mode. However, running scans puts a considerably greater burden on the system’s CPU, RAM, and hard disk, particularly the complete scan. This is especially accurate for the Bitdefender and Avira engines. Even if you have a modern computer, we wouldn’t recommend using any resource-intensive programs while a scan is in progress.
Lab Results
Let’s now quickly review 360 Total Security’s performance in a number of real-world tests. We carefully analyzed the results of tests conducted by a number of reputable third parties and are pleased to share them with you.
One of the most reputable independent testers, AV-Comparatives, awarded it the Advanced+ certification for practical security back in 2014. It only received two out of a possible three stars for performance.
A similarly reputable company, AV-Test, evaluated Total Security’s capabilities in 2017. At that time, it received scores of 5.5/6 for Performance, 3.5/6 for Usability, and 4/6 for Protection (with the default engine). Yes, the results were below average, and the product hasn’t changed much in the past two years. Interesting fact: The Qihoo solutions managed to perform significantly better in the years 2013–2014.
SElabs evaluated 13 antivirus products from various manufacturers in the same year (2017). Total Security scored 70% overall with a legitimate accuracy of 95% and a protection accuracy of 27%. As a result, Norton and Kaspersky seized the first two spots on the list, leaving it in last place.
360 Extra features for total security
The tools and features offered by Total Security’s Free versions have already been covered. We’ll go through all the added features of TS Premium, the paid edition, in this section. The customers gain access to seven new tools in total, and even while they may not be necessary for the majority of users, they nonetheless offer a respectable value. One more thing: there are no persistent adverts when using Premium.
Computer organizer
This helper is a great tool for organizing a desktop quickly and easily. You can count on the Desktop Organizer to assist you with to-do lists, shortcuts, and advanced file searching. It might be worth a go if your desktop is cluttered with tons of files, directories, and applications. Everything will start to appear much better if you let this program handle the desktop.

According to their type, each of the desktop’s numerous components will be categorized. Additionally, you may make your own “boxes” and place numerous files, directories, and applications inside of them. Even the To-Do List tool on your computer functions just like the real thing. Last but not least, Screen Lock will, well, lock the computer and stop any nosy eyes from peeking at your private information.
Shredder for data
This tool is not remarkable in any way. It simply has one job, just like all the other shredders: permanently remove whatever you want it to delete. It is common knowledge that individuals with the proper tools and skills may recover files and directories deleted using the default Windows, Mac, and Android tools. You can be certain that nothing you erased will ever be recoverable thanks to the Data Shredder.
Security Cleaner
You may not be aware of this, but every action you take on a computer leaves “footprints” that are quite easy to follow. Recent actions, browser history, and system settings are all included in the list. With only one click, Privacy Cleaner can erase all of these traces.
the disk analyzer
This resembles a more sophisticated version of the default Windows utility. With it, you can quickly scan the files on your hard disks that are using up the most space and delete unnecessary ones. The largest files will be at the top of the list because the Disk Analyzer arranges everything by size.
Driver Updater DU does exactly what it says on the tin: it upgrades your computer’s installed software by locating the most recent versions of their drivers. It’s challenging to stay on top of everything, including new updates, when there are numerous apps installed on the smartphone. Additionally, Driver Updater always has the original drivers on hand so you may go back to the way things were.
Consider the Total Security firewall as an additional line of security. Compared to all the other firewalls that come with antivirus and internet security software, it is neither better nor worse. It does this by continuously monitoring bandwidth utilization, preventing suspicious network activity, and defending the system against external attacks.
Cleanup as planned
The Cleanup tool is already included in the free version of Total Security, but it does not support scheduling. The Premium edition corrects that and enables the user to set up recurring cleanup processes to maintain the system’s health.
You’ve probably heard of the blockchain if you use cryptocurrency. It is a platform that is adaptable, secure, and well-defended from all angles. The private key a user requires to access his or her wallet is a vulnerability that the developers are unable to address. The blockchain architecture doesn’t even need to be compromised by cybercriminals. All they need to do to gain entry is steal the password.
The Anti-CryptoMiner steps in at that point. It installs quickly and is a browser extension that is currently only available for Google Chrome. You can use this extension without owning any of Total Security’s antivirus products because it is provided without charge.
Additionally, you won’t be well protected against this new threat, leaving you open to crypto miners that significantly drain system resources. Without your knowledge, this kind of software “mines” cryptocurrency. The Anti-CryptoMiner can protect both your wallet and any computer that an attacker might choose as a target, in addition to your wallet.
Electronic Vault
The Virtual Vault operates somewhat differently than the prior feature/service, which sought to eliminate miners at the browser level. To protect both your wallet and sensitive files, it offers market-leading algorithms and a 2-way authentication process. In terms of algorithms, the Virtual Vault employs RSA-4096 and AES-256 encryption (highly favored by militaries and big-time companies).

To mention a few, the list of cryptocurrencies that are supported includes Bitcoin and Etherium. Additionally, it may safeguard any crucial files or directories you choose. Additionally, it is totally free, and we strongly advise using this potent Total Security module. There are several great reasons to try out the Virtual Vault, including its minimal impact on the system, user-friendly UI, and glowing ratings from the professionals. Just a quick reminder: you’ll need to manually request an additional verification step.
Ransomware Defense Tool
A relatively new class of virus called ransomware encrypts user data and disables access to them. And in most instances, paying the hacker on the other side of a ransom is the only way to regain control. They mostly target documents (.docx and .rtf files). You can use the Anti-Ransomware Tool in Total Security to defend yourself against this menace.
One of this feature’s main features is the automatic backing mechanism. Upon modification, it engages and backs up any modified documents, enabling you to use the copies even if the originals are encrypted by ransomware. The backup files are kept for 30 days by default. To guard against malicious tampering and system crashes, the Ransomware Terminator operates in real-time and continuously monitors the OS. Not least of all, this tool is free to use.
360 Zip (Compression Software) (Compression Software)
360’s Zip can be an excellent option if you’re seeking for a free program for compressing files and folders. First off, it compresses beautifully in 42 different formats and is fairly quick. Yes, the list goes beyond the typical ZIP, RAR, and ISO archives. Second, not every antivirus program can handle the ability to detect malware that is concealed inside of archives.
360 Zip works by scanning each zipped file before opening it, removing any potential for OS infection. To do thus, this software uses the cloud engine capabilities of Total Security. There is no need for the user to take any action; the program examines archives entirely automatically. 360 Zip focuses on being quick, dependable, and extremely secure. It is a wise choice for text files, video games, music, videos, and other types of data.
View the table of features for 360 Total Security below.
How to Set Up
One of the most crucial features of any antivirus or maintenance suite is its ease of use. The simplicity of the installation process will likely suit the majority of consumers. Go to the official website, download the installer, and then adhere to the on-screen directions. It’s crucial to remember that installing 360 Total Security doesn’t always mean uninstalling any pre-installed antivirus software.
You won’t need to go through registration in order to start utilizing the software (or provide any credit card info for the Free edition). Starting with Windows XP and continuing up to Windows 10, both 32- and 64-bit versions of the Windows operating system are supported. Total Security is compatible with MacOS X 10.17 for desktop Macs (and higher). Moreover, Android is supported. Simply to the official website and click the button for free download.
The corresponding apps are still quite good, even though Mac and Android users won’t benefit fully from this security suite. There is no need to restart the computer after the installation, which takes no longer than three minutes.
Interfacing 360 Total Security
Although TS contains more tools and capabilities than only antivirus software, everything is organized logically and is simple to find. The huge, vibrant icons make navigation easier in all three programs (on Windows, Mac, and Android). You can alter the default theme in the Premium version by going to the Settings menu and selecting that option.
You can view each of Total Security’s key categories on the left side of the screen. They provide access to scans, speedup tools, complete checks, and more and are just a click away. Once more, each icon is self-explanatory, so you are aware of what to anticipate from the Virus Scan, Speedup, Cleanup, and Full Check buttons. All the extra features, such as the Firewall, are included in the Tool Box.

FAQ for 360 Total Security
Can you recommend a reliable antivirus program?
The short answer is no, it has mediocre anti-malware protection and an average antivirus. Although it fares fairly well in independent lab tests, it cannot compete with industry heavyweights like Kaspersky and Norton. It has less powerful Bitdefender and Avira engines than the standalone versions. However, it is also cost-free, which makes it a great option as a starting service before you go on to something more robust and feature-rich. Many individuals debate if 360 Total Security is effective in Q&A.
Is using 360 Total Security secure?
It all depends on what you hope to get out of this program. You can enhance overall speed with it, and it includes three antivirus engines to guard against online dangers. It will be more than sufficient for the typical user to feel secure when exploring the web. Even still, it only caught 84% of the malware samples we injected into the OS during our internal tests, making it far less effective than the top products on the market.
Does 360 Total Security come without any costs?
There is a Premium edition in addition to 360 Total Security Essential and 360 Total Security. The good news is that it’s reasonably priced and has a good selection of extra features you might find useful. In any event, the free items are also quite feature-rich, and you won’t have to pay for them unless you actually need all those extra tools.
What does 360 Total Security cost?
First off, the only commercial version of this antivirus is Premium. The length of time you intend to commit to the premium package also affects the final cost. The three-year plan will allow you to save a sizable sum of money. The possible plans for one device are listed below, along with their associated costs:
$12.99 for a one-year plan, $35.98 for two years, and $38.99 for three years.
How may 360 Total Security be cancelled?
Contacting customer care is the quickest and simplest way to achieve that. Simply open a ticket and request that the staff revoke an ongoing or upcoming subscription. It would be prudent to postpone sending the cancellation request letter until the very last minute because it normally takes the team 1-2 days to complete this. Additionally, sending an email is an option; but, live chat and phone assistance are not currently accessible. As an alternative, you can manually cancel the membership by logging into your account on the 360 Total Security website. You may see that “Auto-renewal” is checked while making a purchase. The next time you subscribe, make sure to uncheck it to prevent Total Security from billing you right away.

Our Finding
In conclusion, we want to state that Total Security will be the best option if you’re seeking for a security-optimization program for your system. It provides a number of respectable features and tools for enhancing overall performance, and they are all free. However, it would be advisable to search elsewhere if you require an antivirus. Although TS employs three potent antivirus engines, it is less effective than the market leaders in blocking malware.
Again, this is a great product for maintenance on a tight budget. With it, you may enjoy a user-friendly interface, take use of the incredibly powerful cleanup tools, and schedule numerous scans. The majority of the tools and functions aren’t all that useful, and since Total Security is free, you’ll constantly be “attacked” by pop-up advertisements. Additionally, while the system impact is quite low when it is in idle mode, it is significantly higher during a scan.
So, be sure this is what your system need right now before choosing the Premium edition (or choosing it over free antivirus software like Kaspersky, Bitdefender, and Avast). As maintenance tools, Malwarebytes and PCMatic are two good examples.
You can write an email or utilize the ticket system to contact the Total Security customer service staff. Alternatively, connect with them on social media.

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