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Published date: 21 December 2022
9 January 2023 on 11:49 am

A shareware program to resize images is named Light Image Resizer; it was formerly known as VSO Image Resizer. With it, you may alter the format of your photographs, load them more quickly, move them simply across folders, batch resize images to save space on your hard drive, and make e-mail-friendly versions of your images. You can conserve memory by using high resolution 1600×1200 when making wallpaper or sharing files. Additionally, Light Image Resizer allows you to add your own watermark with support for transparency and modify file names using a template. Right-click on your photos and start editing them using Light Image Resizer, which is built into the Windows explorer shell!
Key activities:
Compress, convert, and make duplicates of your photos using resizing Photos, images, and pictures. rapid batch image resizing Results of the highest caliber using lightning-fast multi-core picture resizing technology High-quality image resizing filters that are linear for speed and cubic and lanczos for quality Create photographs that are suitable for e-mail or utilize them for web publishing. To safeguard your photos, rename them, arrange them, or add watermarks. Add a watermark to all of your photographs to protect them ( logo or text ) Utilize the profile libraries for the iPad, iPhone, forum, and HQ. make personalized PDF pages PDF to JPEG conversion
“Obviousidea” is who?
Obviousidea, a little French software firm created in 2011 and funded with 500,000 Euros, is the entity behind Light Image Resizer (source). According to CrunchBase, the company only employs 1 to 10 individuals, and based on appearances, it does indeed seem to be a small business run out of a garage. Fabrice Meuwissen, who appears to be a photographer as well as a software entrepreneur, is identified as the company’s CEO.

Light Image Resizer usage
When you right click an image and wish to edit it, you can utilize Light Image Resizer at any moment. When it’s time to edit an image, here is how the software appears:

You can choose from a wide variety of different sizes by selecting the dropdown menu next to the “Profile” option (at the top). For instance:
quite useful if you’re resizing an image for a certain gadget. In addition, you have the choice to adjust the image size in centimeters or inches in addition to simply scaling an image to X and Y pixels or X and Y percent.
Here are several useful capabilities for Light Image Resizer that aren’t offered by Microsoft Paint in addition to image resizing:
• The ability to edit and resize multiple photos at once rather than individually. You can simply instruct Light Image Resizer to resize all of the images in a folder to a specific size, for instance.
• Decide which filter to apply. There are numerous methods for resizing an image, such as Lanczos filtering and Bicubic interpolation, and each can produce a different set of results (Lanczos filtering apparently yields the best quality, but is slower). You have the choice of employing 5 different filters in Light Image Resizer, which you can test out to get the best outcome.
• Choose the size and compression quality. Unless you’re really attempting to reduce space, you should definitely choose the option to maintain the original image’s quality.
• Select the resolution DPI.
• Include a number of effects, such as reversing colors, going to greyscale, adding a sepia tone, adding a border, or rounded corners.
• Preserve the file’s creation date.
You may make Light Image Resizer use OptiPNG to optimize photos when resizing PNG images, for example. You can also remove the background (powered by removebg) but you’ll need an API token to do this.
The advantages and disadvantages of Light Image Resizer
Light Image Resizer is much more powerful and faster than Paint, and it offers all the tools you could possible need for image resizing. The ability to create “profiles”—basically a record of all settings—that you can apply to any future photographs is fantastic since it enables you to do all the tedious effort you might otherwise have to perform with just one click. The main issue I had with it was that, contrary to what you might expect from an image editing program, you have to click the Preview button in order to see a preview of the modified image by default.

Does malware come packaged with Light Image Resizer?
I noticed zero indicators of any malware when downloading Light Image Resizer from the official website at For whatever reason, a few reviews on CNET dated 2012 are unfavorable to the program and mention pop-up ads and browser toolbars. This was probably not the official version of the software but rather a false or bundled version that someone uploaded to software download websites.

Is it okay if I suggest Light Image Resizer?
I don’t believe the typical individual needs Light Image Resizer; Paint or Photoshop will provide for all image resizing and editing requirements. The only people who would profit greatly from this software, in my opinion, are photographers and professionals who spend hours each day working with hundreds of photographs. For these people, Light Image Resizer would be a good investment at its present low price and with our discount code.

Conditions For Light Image Resizer
Make sure your computer satisfies the system requirements before you begin the free download of Light Image Resizer.
• Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10
Hard drive space: 20 MB of free space is needed; memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM is required.
• Processor: Pentium IV or later from Intel

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