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Published date: 17 December 2022
8 January 2023 on 8:44 am

The largest decentralized peer-to-peer protocol, BitTorrent, has an official torrent client called BitTorrent. Large files and data are transferred via it through the internet.
The business that created the BitTorrent client, BitTorrent, also creates the extremely well-liked and related torrenting program uTorrent.
Over 100 million people use BitTorrent each month, making up a sizable portion of all internet traffic.
BitTorrent has four primary pricing tiers, some of which have several versions.

The preferred client for downloading content is BitTorrent Web, which can be used on Windows and macOS. Although the macOS version is free, it only provides compatibility for macOS Catalina 10.15. In contrast, there are three versions of the Windows client itself:
• Basic: This is the client’s default flavor; it is open source, free to download, and ad funded.
• Advantage: Provides improved security, thwarts threats, and shows data on file size, resolution, seeds, and leeches. It costs $19.95 a year and includes support after the sale.
• Pro+VPN: Comes with CyberGhost VPN, which supports five devices and works to get around content censorship, in addition to other Pro features. The annual cost of this package is $69.95.

The original desktop application, BitTorrent Classic, is only available on Windows computers. There are four available versions:
• Basic: The uncomplicated, cost-free BitTorrent client. It is closed source and ad-supported.
• Ad-free: For $4.95 a year, you get premium assistance, no advertisements, and minimal bandwidth usage.
• Pro: It provides increased security, thwarts attacks, has a media player and format converter built-in, and gives premium assistance. The cost of a yearly subscription is $19.95.
• Pro+VPN: Available for $69.95 a year, this package includes all Pro features as well as CyberGhost VPN, which supports five devices.
The torrent client for Android is called BitTorrent Android, and it comes in two different versions: Basic and Pro, with the latter costing $2.99.A standalone software called BitTorrent Remote allows you to remotely manage the torrents on your host PC.

Any user should be able to use the additional features that the BitTorrent Classic client offers, which help to ensure quick and effective torrent downloads.
It is possible to assign different priority levels among those many downloads, so if there is one you really need in a hurry, you may make that happen. Additionally, you get the ability to download multiple torrent files at once.
Additionally, BitTorrent lets you program downloads to start automatically at specific times throughout the day (or indeed night).
It goes without saying that having a packaged VPN is beneficial for both security and online privacy. The ability to manage your torrent activity remotely is unquestionably advantageous, as is the broad selection of client options described above. Having more options is always a good thing.
BitTorrent has a user interface that is simple to use and has a lot of options. It also has a very clean and attractive user interface.
It’s one of the best torrent clients to use in terms of simple design, except for the ads on the basic version. The UI is clean and well-organized. The design conceals the less often used menus and settings, yet they are still accessible when needed.
User encounter
Impressive performance levels contribute to a nice experience, and BitTorrent is generally quite simple to comprehend and utilize. This program is enticing because there isn’t a challenging learning curve and the free edition is readily available.

Although BitTorrent is the industry leader in torrent clients and is generally thought to be safe to use, there are a few security-related things to keep in mind. First off, because the client code is closed source, upgrades and security patches must be provided by the creators (and not as transparent as open source rivals).
Furthermore, VirusTotal’s scan of the BitTorrent installer turned up 4 warnings (out of 72 antivirus applications), which is not a lot but could nonetheless raise some questions. Despite the fact that these may occasionally be false positives, it is nevertheless important to keep in mind that some other clients receive a perfect score on this exam. Additionally, for added security, it is generally advised to utilize a strong VPN program in conjunction with torrent clients when downloading content (and privacy).

While these clients make it easy for consumers to obtain their preferred entertainment from the internet via torrents, keep in mind that there is copyrighted stuff available as well, and downloading it is illegal. Naturally, TechRadar opposes and disapproves of piracy and illicit downloads.

Final judgment
One of the most widely used applications for downloading torrents has always been BitTorrent. It supports more than 20 languages and allows for genuinely quick downloads of huge files. However, the potential security concerns we addressed in the article are only a minor worry. Overall, it is an excellent alternative for quick and efficient torrent downloads.

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