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Published date: 29 November 2022
11 December 2022 on 7:32 am

We frequently unintentionally erase crucial files when trying to copy, rename, or print them. Despite the rarity of this situation, many of us may have encountered it at least once. Data recovery software is the only thing on our minds in these dire circumstances.
You can restore files that have been purposefully or mistakenly destroyed using Aiseesoft Data Recovery software.
In this Aiseesoft Data Recovery review, we’ll look at the program’s functionality and overall structure. Our evaluation is an accurate evaluation of the software that our team utilized and tested.
What Services Offers Aiseesoft Data Recovery?
Photos, emails, documents, audio files, video files, and compressed data can all be recovered using Aiseesoft Data Recovery software. Additionally, this recovery is not just available for Windows PC drives. Memory cards, flash drives, hard drives, digital cameras, and removable drives can all be used to recover the files.
It is capable of recovering data that has been accidentally, accidentally erased, lost, or attacked by a virus. It’s compatible with both Mac and Windows PC. Let’s examine the features and operation of this data recovery program to gain a better knowledge of it.

Data Recovery using Aiseesoft
On a Windows 10 machine, we have utilized the Aiseesoft Data Recovery software. We tried recovering data from the Windows PC’s internal drives and USB drive throughout the tool’s testing.
User Interface for Aiseesoft Data Recovery
The user interface of Aiseesoft Data Recovery is clear and clutter-free. The software’s Home screen has very little text as well. Instead, when you hover over the app’s icons, you can see what they do.
When you first use data recovery software, you might be unsure of how to begin the scanning procedure. This is due to the app’s limited usage of text and its use of both checkboxes and radio buttons. Once you use the scan option, though, it is not that difficult to understand.

Technical Requirements
The Aiseesoft Data Recovery software has a few system requirements. Additionally, if your Windows or Mac PC satisfies the minimum criteria, the data recovery software will operate flawlessly for you.
Software for Aiseesoft Data Recovery can be installed on Mac OS X 10.7 and later as well as Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP. You require at least 200 MB of free space for Windows, while 100 MB is sufficient for Mac. Additionally, the RAM should be 512 MB, and both operating systems require an Intel or AMD 1GHz CPU.
Two operating systems are the only ones that support the software. Therefore, if you require data recovery software for Linux or Unix, you will need to use different software.

I tried utilizing Aiseesoft Data Recovery program to recover several types of data. See the list of features below.
Deep Scan and Quick Scan
The brief scan of the system drive, which covered exactly 27.7 MB, took roughly 11 minutes. On the other hand, the 300 GB system drive took the deep scan roughly 2 hours and 13 minutes to complete. Additionally, compared to the first quick scan, the second quick scan on the same drive took less time to complete.
You may occasionally need a thorough scan because the rapid scan does not always reveal all of the files.
The inability to do deep scans from the Home page annoyed me when I was reviewing Aiseesoft Data Recovery. The rapid scan must be performed first, and only then may you choose to undertake a deep scan. This may take a lot of time and be annoying.
The button on the Home screen simply states “Scan,” making no mention of whether the scan you conduct is a quick scan or a deep scan.
The option to halt and resume the scan is available. Additionally, you can examine the files before the scan is finished. Therefore, it is a pretty helpful and time-saving option to simply stop the scan in the middle if you locate the photographs you were looking for before the scan is finished.
Getting a Specific File Type Back
I attempted to retrieve pictures from the system drive. Simply choosing photographs for the scan was simple. So, if you are aware of the file type you want to retrieve, you can select it from the app’s Home screen. This option is exclusive to this software and is not present in some other data recovery programs.
While some photographs can be previewed before being recovered, others cannot. These images will be stored to your desktop when you attempt to retrieve them, but you will still be unable to see them.
Therefore, recovering the photographs without first viewing them is of no use.
You can save the pictures wherever you’d like. You can also save any certain file types, like emails, videos, audios, and documents.
Putting filters on
Filters can be used to search for a particular file based on the month it was produced and last edited. As a result, looking for files is made simpler because the scan results list thousands of files.
File Recovery from an External Drive
A brief scan failed to turn up any data when I started the scan with an external disk connected. As a result, the software initiated the deep scan on its own without warning or notification. Aside from that, I ran a thorough scan to retrieve the necessary data, which took about 22 minutes to finish. Therefore, it would be wise to include an optional notification here to let users know which scans are being run and why.
File Recovery from the Recycle Bin
File recovery via the recycle bin is identical to file recovery from a system drive or external drive. Use a fast scan at first, and if it doesn’t yield the results you want, go with a deep scan.
Open and Save Scan Results
If you want to access the scan results again in the future, you can save them. This will save you time, especially if you chose a deep scan, from having to scan the drives again. However, you are only able to preserve scan results that have finished or halted. You can’t save a scan that is pausing in the middle of it.
You must open it from the stored place each time you wish to obtain the same results.

With this tool, recovering any lost data is simple.
I didn’t enjoy the requirement to perform a short scan, though, during the Aiseesoft Data Recovery review. Additionally, since there is no backup feature, you must use different software. It would be beneficial if they could include this feature and strengthen the product.
Anyone can begin using this software because there is no learning curve. By choosing it before the scan, you can recover many files at once and search for a certain file type.
When using the software for the first time, you might find the interface’s sparse use of language puzzling. However, there isn’t much of a learning curve or none at all, so it’s not a major deal.
Support You can email the support staff at [email protected] or tweet them at @AiseesoftStudio. However, you must submit an email and wait for a response because there is no live chat or phone assistance available constantly. Additionally, there are no FAQs for the Aiseesoft Data Recovery software under the Product FAQ/Tutorial section, making it useless for rapid reference. Another area where they can strengthen their paperwork is there.
The support page has a separate form you may use to simply get your registration code back if you’ve misplaced it.
Pricing Schemes
Both the Windows and Mac versions have the same pricing structures. One month, one year, and lifetime are the three choices. Depending on your demands, you can select anybody you like.
Although Aiseesoft Data Recovery is available for free download, the trial version does not allow for file recovery. Even in the free version, it only provides a small amount of data recovery. The data can only be scanned and previewed; they cannot be recovered.
This can be useful to do before paying for the software to see if the file you want can be recovered.
The software’s 23.96 USD one-month license allows for use on one PC. A PC license for a year costs 33.96 USD. Last but not least, the Lifetime license for 3 PCs costs USD 55.96.
Simply put, the lifetime license for Aiseesoft Data Recovery is the greatest deal because it includes 3 devices and does not require renewal.
A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered. So, you can get your money back if you’re not happy with this data recovery program. I appreciated that the costs for the Windows and Mac versions were comparable here. The price of the Mac version of some applications can occasionally be more expensive than the Windows version.

The Aiseesoft Data Recovery Software Features We Liked
The functions offered by each data recovery tool are essentially the same. Some traits, nonetheless, pique our interest. Here are a few features of the Aiseesoft Data Recovery program that we appreciated.
• The cost for Windows and Mac versions is the same. Some tools charge more for Mac licenses.
• It provides a rapid scan that may be finished in as little as 15-20 minutes, which speeds up file recovery.
• It largely supports every version of Windows, i.e., Windows XP through Windows 10.
It may help you recover data from USB drives, external hard drives, cameras, and memory cards with a single application. It has no learning curve. It is simple to use.
What About Aiseesoft Data Recovery Software We Didn’t Like
There were a few areas where we felt there was room for improvement throughout the Aiseesoft Data Recovery study. Here are a few aspects of this data recovery program that we didn’t like.
• The choices for short and deep scans are absent. By default, the program runs a brief scan when you click Scan.
• You cannot recover any files with the free version. It merely displays the recoverable files. That’s okay because it shows that this tool will be helpful to you.
• To make the user interface more user-friendly, the user interface needs some adjustments due to the few texts, checkboxes, and radio buttons.
• Call or chat help is not accessible around-the-clock.

Final Reflections
It’s a wonderful feeling to learn that your lost data has been retrieved. You can use a Windows or Mac computer and the Aiseesoft Data Recovery software to recover data from a variety of disks. And no technical knowledge is necessary to use this software. I was able to recover numerous files from various drives while conducting the Aiseesoft Data Recovery study. Some of the files that didn’t display a preview, though, were unrecoverable. It did get saved on the computer, but when I went to access it, nothing was visible or audible. Unfortunately, the free edition of the Aiseesoft Data Recovery software only provides free scanning. You can scan the drive and examine the preview to see if you want to take a chance on whether your files can be recovered or not. You can buy the software to recover the files if the preview is offered.
Although this software has a few small drawbacks, it excels in data recovery. You can use the free version to test whether you can recover your deleted files.

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