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Published date: 29 November 2022
11 December 2022 on 7:34 am

ApowerREC is a fully functional, versatile screen recording program that is easy to use and extremely customizable. To receive detailed data-driven screen recording, you need an ApowerREC screen recorder. With its simple and user-friendly interface, you may record desktop and webcam activity along with system sound and microphone sound. It offers a variety of recording options, including task recording, automatic split recording, zoom recording, locked window recording, automatic stop recording, and many more. This program allows you to record the entire screen, the camera, a set area, the region around the mouse, or even only the audio.
A stunning picture-in-picture video can be made by concurrently capturing the desktop screen with the webcam. ApowerREC screen video recorder allows you to annotate videos by adding lines, arrows, circles, and text on the screen. You can record any type of content by clicking on the screen recorder’s simple interface. The editing feature of the integrated software does a great job of cleaning up screen recordings without overwhelming the user. Utilizing AI, The software’s amazing capacity to arrange particular shows and recordings is astounding. It’s simple to rely on this screen recording software to record worksheets, live video streaming, photos, and any other data that is displayed on the screen as you choose.
The Best of ApowerREC
ApowerREC is a capable application with multiple uses. Its video recording and image-capturing capabilities are suitable for a variety of activities, including corporate presentations, entertainment, and education. These wonderful features of this software include the following.
Note on Screen
The interface has a number of options or functions for recording. Video capture, webcam recording, video clip trimming, sketching, hotkeys, and an area selection zoomer are some of the options. There are countless goals you can achieve using ApowerREC’s screen video recorder features, but they all start when you press the red “Start recording” button.

Panel with Overlay and Intuitive Design
The clever panel makes managing your recording process really easy. It enables you to rapidly choose the webcam, audio, or section of the video that you want to capture. A bouncing overlay toolbar will appear as soon as you start recording your video. This feature is easy to use, so you can quickly check if you need it. If not, drag it off the screen of your recording. By doing this, you free up room to use other tools to edit your recording.
HD Video Audio Recording
There are numerous recording choices and modes available with ApowerREC. You can modify a selected zone, record the area around your moving cursor, or record the entire computer screen, depending on your needs. You can simultaneously record the screen and the webcam, or only the webcam. Making more lifelike films with sound from the system, a microphone, or both is possible with the ApowerREC screen video recorder.
real-time annotations on the screen
ApowerREC is an optimal choice for those who want to add some annotations to their videos while recording. The recording software comes with many editing options including text, arrows, lines, highlight rectangle and many more. You can utilize this feature to help make your videos more intuitive and demonstrative. It suits capturing of online learning videos, teaching videos, presentation tutorials and informative delivery of other digital contents.

Automatic Task Recording Tools
ApowerREC software comes with two automatic task recording tools. Task Scheduler is important in creating a scheduled task. It remotely records the desired video automatically when you’re not within reach of your computer. Follow recording is useful when you want to capture a particular application and end it automatically when the application exits. These recording tools facilitate users to record quality videos, rather automatically and free themselves from manual recording.

Easy File Management
Users can easily manage all the recorded videos and screenshots without navigating to the output folder. These files are displayed separately on the main panel of ApowerREC screen recorder. You can view the file name, size, and recording duration from the main panel. This feels more intuitive and satisfying than viewing it in the directory. The panel also allows options for actions like view, rename, delete, select all, etc.
Multiple Uploading Platforms
ApowerREC software provides access to all major video uploading platforms, not limited to FTP and YouTube. In case you were thinking of sharing the captured image or recorded video with your friends, then go ahead with ease. You can also upload screenshots to free cloud space for storage and sharing.
Recording options
There are extensive tools for annotating your recordings while they’re being captured, all of which are accessible via a collapsible palette on the right-hand side. These include a paintbrush, highlighter, arrows, shapes, text and (particularly useful for tutorials and presentations) an automatic numbering tool, which isn’t something we’ve seen in screen recording software before.
To remove any annotations, simply click the undo arrow. There’s also a whiteboard mode for making more extensive notes, which temporarily turns the background a solid color.
ApowerREC also includes a screenshot tool (accessible through the Tools menu), which allows you to select a region of the screen, apply annotations and captions, and either save the resulting image or pin it to the screen. It’s a well thought out addition.

You don’t have to start recordings manually; ApowerREC includes a feature called Follow Recording, which starts capturing the on-screen action when you launch a certain program and ends it when you close it again. It’s also possible to schedule recordings to take place between certain times. Many screen recorders offer one of these capabilities, but seldom both, so this is noteworthy.
Delving into the settings provides a wealth of other choices, including the ability to show, conceal or highlight the mouse pointer in recordings, create keyboard shortcuts, choose an output format for screen grabs, set audio cues and much more. There’s a lot to explore, but it’s all nicely categorized and having these sophisticated options stashed away means the main interface is maintained uncluttered for people whose needs are straightforward.
Save and export options
Once you’ve done your recording, it will be saved immediately and you’ll have the ability to change it using a simple built-in editing tool. A full video editing application would be overkill – this is a simple tool that allows you to clip your recordings to length, apply a custom watermark, and add intro and outro cards. Only the wording may be changed, so there aren’t many customizing choices here, but the graphics are lovely.
After editing is complete, you can export your movie in one of 14 well-liked file types, including MP4, WMV, AVI, and MOV. This is a remarkable variety because many screen recorders only let you export in one or two formats, necessitating the need of an additional tool to convert the files.
Below the primary recording interface, recordings are displayed in a collapsible list, and right-clicking one of them offers you the choice of sharing it through FTP, YouTube, Dropbox, ShowMore, Vimeo, or Google Drive.
ApowerREC is a screen recorder that is certainly worth a look for any purpose. It is strong, adaptable, and brimming with thoughtfully created features that will simplify your life.

ApowerREC Screen Recording Instructions
Choose the recording space. Enter the “Record Screen” mode first on the ApowerREC screen video recorder before beginning to record. The “Full” button will then require you to click the downward arrow. Choose the recording area by selecting either full-screen or a specific section. When ready to begin recording, click the red “REC” button.

To record sound, choose the audio input and press the “System sound” button. Then, you may decide whether to record audio from the microphone, the system, both, or not at all. Don’t forget to enter sound settings from the last menu choice.
Plug in the camera device first, then click the webcam icon and choose the device’s name to start a webcam recording. Restart the software if it cannot find your camera device. To change other camera image settings, access the camera settings menu.

To start recording, either click the “REC” button or the default hotkey (F7). If you want to record solely sound, you must go to the mainboard and select “Record Audio” mode.
Floating Toolbar: To help you while you are recording, this toolbar appears on the ApowerREC screen. You can switch to highlight recording mode, use zoom recording, capture screenshots, annotate, and more.
Annotate recording is a real-time editing tool that enables you to annotate your video with lines, messages, arrows, serial numbers, and other symbols. Click the pencil-shaped icon on the recording toolbar to see the annotation panel. You can also open the whiteboard and make notes on the screen when you annotate a recording.
Only Windows supports zoom recording. This function enables the expansion of specific screen regions. The zoom recording area often moves with the mouse cursor.
Spotlight recording can be used to draw attention to a certain area of the screen. Windows is the primary platform for its use.
Recording for Locked Windows enables you to exclusively record a certain window. Any applications you run while the video is being recorded won’t be visible in it.
Split recording – Split recording capability lets you decide whether to save a recorded file automatically when the operation has finished or when the recorded file has grown to a particular size in terms of storage.

You may focus on the most crucial aspects of video recording for free using ApowerREC recording software. Both the free trial and the price structure are totally free. It works with an iPhone. A user-friendly program with effective management functionality is also provided via the record screen app, which is supported on phones.
Cons and Benefits
Features a full image editing program, a variety of screen capture choices, intuitive screen recording, and a user-friendly software interface.
• Effective mobile applications
Users have free access to the program, and it is secure to use.
• Automatic task tracking features let users take timely action on their interests.
Cons The program needs to add greater user privacy; it can’t capture on a secondary monitor; users occasionally suffer delayed support.
ApowerREC Support and Help
Join the ApowerREC community support to learn some advice from the participants. Just jump into the forums and start sharing your difficult experiences with the other participants. Users can select the Feedback option from the menu and submit an email outlining the problem they are having with the software in order to receive more individualized feedback and support. The program staff guarantees to respond to you with the solution as soon as they can.

Alternative software to ApowerREC
while most of the time. Although ApowerREC does a fantastic job of recording, some users have still noted that it is not recording, has a black screen, and has other issues. People have also expressed dissatisfaction with the video quality. In this situation, I would suggest a different Wondershare DemoCreator.
Both Windows and Mac users can use this video and audio recording program, which has a simple and intuitive user interface. Screen, webcam, and system/microphone audio can all be recorded simultaneously. Furthermore, you can express any important ideas and highlight them more effectively with the real-time screen drawing tools and spotlight. This is how it goes:
1. After the download is complete, install and launch DemoCreator by clicking “New Recordings” on the home screen.

2. Set the parameters. Before beginning, you can adjust the screen recording area and turn on the webcam and microphone.

3. When all of the preparations are complete, press the large red button. In 3 minutes, the application will begin to run; hit F10 to stop it.

We have led you through the ApowerREC review and given you a fresh software recommendation to assist you in creating a compelling and impressive video clip. DemoCreator comes highly recommended for its robust and reliable recording capabilities as well as its user-friendly and attractive editing features, which include zoom and pan, comments, transitions, and other special effects like green screen.

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