Review of Invicti Web Application Security Scanner

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Published date: 29 November 2022
11 December 2022 on 7:26 am

Hackers are constantly looking for new ways to hack websites, which has been a major problem for many years. As a result, any security strategy must include online application security.
Web application security scanners can be useful in this situation.
To identify risks and defend websites from dangerous hackers, websites are protected by web application security scanners, also referred to as web application vulnerability scanners.
DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing) products include web application vulnerability scanners.
Invicti Web Vulnerability Scanner: What Is It?
A simple-to-use web application vulnerability scanner called Invicti can help you find security flaws in your online apps so you can address them as soon as feasible.
The software from Invicti examines the target URL to identify any potential security gaps that could be used by hackers.
Searching for security flaws like OS Command Injection, Remote File Inclusion/SSRF, Path Traversal, SQL Injection, Reflective XSS, Unvalidated Redirect in online applications, and web API, Invicti scans web applications.
Modern programs can have vulnerabilities found by Invicti. No matter what platform or architecture the application was built on, this applies. When Invicti finds a vulnerability, it will demonstrate an attack by determining whether or not there were any false positives throughout the scan.

Editions by Invicti
Two variants of the Invicti web application security scanner are available.
#1. Invicti Enterprise is an enterprise solution with multiple users that is also scalable. Both an On-Prem and an On-Demand solution are offered.
Secondly, Invicti Standard
It is a Windows application for a single user.
Note: Invicti employs the same Proof-Based Scanning technology in all editions to deliver extremely precise scan results.
Features of Invicti
• The Invicti team assists with onboarding and offers training.
• The user interface is straightforward and simple to use.
• By scanning the corners of your apps, Invicti’s distinctive dynamic + interactive (DAST + IAST) scanning technique can give your apps more visibility.
• Integrates with applications like GitHub, Bugzilla, and JIRA.
•For OWASP Top 10, PCI, HIPAA, and other compliance needs, it offers reporting templates.
•SSO, 2FA, and OTP authentication are supported.
• Automated password-protected area scanning.
• With its custom reports API, enables creation of customized security reports.
• Uses Proof-Based Scanning technology to automatically verify discovered vulnerabilities, demonstrating that they are genuine and not false positives.
• It makes executing scans simple and eliminates the need for complex framework or programming language knowledge.
• Offers on-premises and on-demand deployment choices.
It supports an infinite number of users and scanning models.

Integrating Invicti
The following can be integrated with it:
• Tools for tracking issues, such as BugZilla, FogBugz, JIRA, Redmine, YouTrack, Bit Bucket, Azure Boards, Clubhouse, Freshservice, GitHub, GitLab, Kafka, Kenna, PagerDuty, Pivotal Tracker, ServiceNow, Splunk, TFS, and Unfuddle.
• Tools for project management such as Asana and Trello.
• Systems for continuous integration such as GitLab CI/CD, Circle CI, Bamboo, Travis CI, TeamCity, Azure Pipelines, GitHub Actions, and UrbanCode.
• Software for communication, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Mattermost.
• Web application firewalls (WAFs), such as those offered by AWS, Cloudflare, F5 BIG-IP, FortiWeb, Imperva SecureSphere, and ModSecurity.
• Single Sign-On (SSO) providers including Google, Microsoft ADFS, Azure Active Directory, Okta, PingFederate, PingIdentity, and SAML
• Systems for managing cross-domain identities, such as Azure Active Directory and Okta.
• Privileged Access Management systems like HashiCorp Vault and CyberArk Vault
• APIs like Zapier, Webhooks, and Invicti API.
Invicti Watches
For information about prices, speak with the Invicti team.
How Invicti Works: Invicti Tutorial No. 1
After each code update, Invicti checks the app.
A website will be scanned by the Invicti Scanning Engine to identify any security flaws that need to be fixed, such as XSS, Path Traversal, etc.
If Invicti discovers a problem, it adds that problem to the issue tracking system.
Send a notification to the developer after assigning the problem to them.
After the development team resolves the problem, rescan the application to verify that it is secure.
2. How to Use Invicti Standard to Scan a Website

Launch the Invicti Standard.
2. On the Home Tab, select “Start a New Scan.”

3. A dialog box titled “Select a New Website or Web Service Scan” appears.
4. Type the URL of the website you wish to scan in the “Target Website or Web Service URL” section.

5. As necessary, configure the Invicti Standard Scan Options Fields, the Authentication, and the Scan Policy.
Choose Start Scan from the Crawl and Wait drop-down menu.
6. A Scan Finished information popup is shown after the scan is finished and the Invicti Standard window has gone black.

3. How to Create Exploits for Invicti Standard Vulnerabilities
Opening the Invicti Standard
2. Choose the File tab from the ribbon. There are local scans displayed. To view the results of the appropriate scan, double-click it.
3. Choose an XSS or CSRF vulnerability from the Issues or Sitemap tab.

4. Select Generate Exploit from the Vulnerability tab.
5. You see the Save As dialog box.
6. After choosing a location, click Save.
7. The HTML file can be viewed in the save location.
The leading businesses in the world utilize the robust Invicti Online Application Security Scanner to check for vulnerabilities in web apps. It has assisted enterprises in finding and fixing security problems that might not have been discovered otherwise. It checks tens of thousands of web applications each month and has over 1000 active users.
I’m hoping that my evaluation will assist you in selecting Invicti as the security testing tool for your company.
Try the Invicti Web Vulnerability Scanner, too. Please tell us about your experiences with this tool in the comment area below.

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