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Published date: 17 December 2022
8 January 2023 on 8:40 am

Installing a screen recorder on your computer might be quite beneficial. The benefits of using a screen recorder are numerous. If you enjoy playing video games, you may easily record your gameplay and share it with your friends or post it to YouTube. I have to utilize a screen recording program frequently as a software reviewer to capture review videos. The FonePaw Screen Recorder, which can do much more than just record your computer screen, will be examined in this review. Let’s look at it.
Price and technical details
The FonePaw Screen Recorder costs $34.95, but you can test it out for free and have complete access to the program with just two restrictions in the trial version. A video can only be recorded for a maximum of three minutes, and it cannot be cut. enabling you to test the software before buying it. You can buy the software from here once you’re satisfied with it. Both Windows and Mac are supported by the software. The system prerequisites are as follows:

FonePaw Screen Recorder features include the ability to record your desktop screen, capture video from your webcam, and record audio separately. You can also export your recordings in a variety of formats.
• Planned Recording
How to use the FonePaw Screen Recorder to record videos
The FonePaw Screen Recorder is easy to use and offers a user-friendly UI. This is the software’s main menu. There are three choices available to you. The video recorder comes first. The Audio Recorder is the second tool, while Screen Capture is the third. Now let’s examine the video recorder.

The Video Recorder will launch a new menu when clicked. The menu is accompanied by a blue border. Dimensions are indicated by the blue border. Everything that is contained by the blue border will be noted. To change the size of the recording, click on the border’s edges. Alternately, you can select “Custom” to specify a certain size. Click “Full” to record the entire screen if that’s what you want to do. You can select which display to record if you have numerous monitors. You can utilize the camera capability to record video if you have one. From here, you may also adjust the system and microphone sound. If they are not required for the recording, any of these parameters can be toggled off. You can now begin recording your screen. In order to begin recording, click the “REC” icon.
You are given a tiny recording window to let you manage your recording once the recording has begun. By hitting the pause icon, you can stop recording. If you don’t want to view the recording window, you can easily minimize it. Additionally, there is a timer that you can use to keep track of both the duration of the recording and its file size. A screenshot button with one click is the camera icon.
If you just want the recorder to capture the video for a certain period of time, you can click on the clock to adjust the record length of the window.
The Edit menu follows, which enables us to annotate recordings in real time. Making lessons or other films where you need to annotate or markup the screen can benefit from this. You can paint, write text, draw shapes, lines, and arrows, as well as mark numbers. If you make a mistake while editing, you may easily undo or erase anything. Click the red stop icon to stop recording after you are done.
You can watch the recording after it is complete. You can select to clip or trim the video to get rid of any extraneous material. To clip the video, either set the exact start and end frames or move the orange start and end marker points to the correct positions. If you are happy with the recording, you can save it or just start over and record it.

Modern Recorder
There are some sophisticated recording possibilities over here. Choose “Around Mouse” if you want the recorder to capture the region immediately surrounding the mouse. Therefore, the software will capture the designated area around the mouse wherever it goes.
By selecting the “Follow the mouse” option, you can also instruct the recorder to do so. This option is comparable to the one before, except the recording area will change depending on where the mouse is moved. The readers should have no trouble understanding thanks to the gif representations.
How to use the FonePaw Screen Recorder to record sounds
Even more straightforward than recording video is recording audio. All you have to do is select the Audio Recorder and adjust the microphone and system sound volume to your specifications. Next, select Record.

How to use the FonePaw Screen Recorder to take a screenshot
A screenshot is fairly simple to take. Click the Screen Capture button only once. Place the pointer at one of the area’s corners and then click the screen capture button. After dragging the mouse to the opposite end while holding down the left click, release it. All you have to do to take a screenshot is that. The snapshot can then be modified using the edit menu as necessary. When finished, save the screenshot by clicking the Save icon.
final recorder
The Last Recorder fills up the settings from your most recent recording, as the name says. For instance, the Audio Recorder was the last tool I used, and I had the system sound set to 50%. Therefore, if I select the most recent recorder, it will load the precise settings for me.

Recording Preset Custom
Once you’ve established your recording preferences, you shouldn’t need to alter them frequently. Use the Custom Recording Preset for this. Click on more from the home menu. Next, select Manage. In order to add a new preset, click the Plus icon. After entering all of your necessary settings, click Apply. When you want to load this preset again, click More and then choose your own custom preset.
Task Manager
You can schedule numerous tasks for the software using the Task Scheduler. A job can be scheduled such that the recording begins at a specified day, time, and date. You can even select to repeat the activity and set the length of time the recorder should record for. If the task is no longer required, you can always close the task scheduler and reopen it.

Compact Interface
By selecting the “Mini” button located in the top right corner of the application window, you can access the Mini Interface. Instead of a larger interface, this launches a tiny recording interface with basic parameters. If you only need to record a brief video or audio and don’t want to fuss with the other sophisticated settings, you can utilize the tiny interface. Additionally, the small interface can be concealed in a corner of the screen and doesn’t take up much space.
The FonePaw Screen Recorder is a fantastic program that allows you to record the screen and audio of your computer. There are versions of the app on Mac and Windows. It has a ton of features, like annotations, personalized presets, a task schedule, and more, and is simple to use. Given what this straightforward screen recorder can achieve, the software’s $34.95 price is fairly reasonable. To determine whether this is the right screen recorder for you, you may also use the free trial version.

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