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Published date: 21 December 2022
9 January 2023 on 11:48 am

Overview of Splunk
Splunk Enterprise In terms of log management software, top Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools, and top IT Operations Analytics tools, Splunk is recognized as the best option. Splunk receives an 8.2 out of 10 rating on PeerSpot from users. The comparison between Splunk and Microsoft Sentinel is the most frequent. In the large corporate market, 68% of users looking into this solution on PeerSpot are using Splunk. Professionals from a computer software company are the leading industry looking into this solution, making about 20% of all views.
Buying Guide for Splunk

Describe Splunk.
Splunk is a technology that helps businesses make their machine data easily accessible, useful, and beneficial for everyone by offering log management, security information, and event management solutions. Splunk uses operational intelligence to monitor and analyze all operations in order to transform machine data into useful information.
Splunk correlates and indexes massive amounts of data into a searchable container, making it perfect for data monitoring and searching. Users can now generate alerts, reports, and visualizations instantly. Splunk gives you a comprehensive, real-time picture of the status and functionality of every layer of your tech stack, enabling you to optimize system efficiency by promptly identifying and resolving faults as they arise.
It is getting more and harder these days to keep a good security posture. Attackers have access to more entry ways into the internet as cybercrime becomes more sophisticated. By utilizing Splunk’s threat intelligence products, you can update your security operations in any environment or framework, enhancing the efficiency and adaptability of your company’s expansion. Splunk’s superior visibility enables security professionals to swiftly identify and eliminate malicious threats from their environment.

The following are just a few advantages of utilizing Splunk:
• Complete environment visibility: With Splunk, you can get rid of data silos and use data coming from multi-cloud and on-premises deployments to inform business decisions.

• Multi-environment troubleshooting: With real-time, total visibility and insight into the operation of your entire IT environment, problems may be quickly identified and fixed.
Splunk’s cutting-edge machine learning, security analytics, and threat intelligence capabilities provide a comprehensive alert system that can assist reduce triage times and increase true positive rates while safeguarding your organization from threats.

• Having access to up-to-date security data: Utilize automatic security content updates from the Splunk Threat Research Team to stay on top of new and emerging threats.
• A variety of deployment choices: Splunk offers a range of flexible alternatives. Depending on the requirements of your company, it may be deployed in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment.
• Automated insights: By using several conditions, thresholds, and intricate rules, Splunk’s AI-driven insights can assist you in predicting issues. The built-in data science capabilities of the solution automatically decrease background noise and shorten the time it takes to resolve errors.
• Numerous integration options: Splunk easily integrates with a wide range of hardware and software, including:

o Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

o Amazon Web Services (AWS)

o Microsoft Azure

o NewRelic

Reviews by real people
Among its rivals, Splunk stands out for a variety of reasons. The two biggest ones are its powerful AI capabilities and customizable search query tools.
“It delivers a lot of analytics with the underlying AI engine, and it is a lot easier than other solutions,” a solutions consultant at a digital services company observes. Although there are certain products that perform automated AI-based detection and chart creation, it is a good tool for network monitoring and all other parts of monitoring. Business users appreciate how handy it is for them to have access to a substantial amount of data quickly. You can pretty much do whatever you want if you are familiar with the Splunk query language.
Previously, Splunk was referred to as Splunk Enterprise Security.

Splunk Clients
Over 7,000 users of Splunk are spread out over 90 different countries. These clients include SurveyMonkey, Telenor, UniCredit, ideeli, McKenney’s, and Tesco.
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Pricing Advice for Splunk
Splunk pricing feedback from users: “When you start to scale and have terabytes of data, it might be cost-prohibitive. The amount of data it processes each day determines how much it costs. It might help with the cost if they can develop scaled-down specialist or custom package offerings. If they can limit the scope such that it can only be utilized for a specific purpose instead of offering full-blown functions, it would generate a market for the product and possibly reduce the price. It will quickly reach its daily processing limit once you begin using it as a central aggregator and pouring copious amounts of logs at it. As soon as you have that, you sort of defeat the objective because you will have to cut back.
• “I recall Splunk being reasonably priced. Kibana was more reasonable, but Splunk offers more. Splunk is definitely what I would recommend if I were to make a recommendation because it is preferable to spend a little bit more and receive a lot more.
• “Given the volume of data, the pricing approach is pricey and a hassle.”

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