What is Driver Easy used for?

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Published date: 21 December 2022
9 January 2023 on 11:48 am

If you use Windows, you are aware of how outdated drivers can cause hardware to malfunction. Finding the most recent drivers for hardware components might take a very long time because firms frequently release new versions. Driver Easy is helpful in this situation because it is a Windows user’s automatic driver updater.

Driver Easy updates your system’s drivers by looking up the most recent versions for your hardware. The majority of online users and Reddit reviews, however, claim that Driver Easy is unwanted software and a fraud. Is it safe to use Driver Easy? Do you actually require Driver Easy? In this objective evaluation of Driver Easy, we will allay all of your fears and address all of your inquiries.

Driver Easy: What is it?
A Windows program called Driver Easy is used to update the drivers for the numerous pieces of hardware that are connected to your computer. The program looks for the most recent drivers for the device and downloads them as they become available. After that, Driver Easy updates the outdated drivers for the various pieces of hardware. There is a free and a paid version of Driver Easy.
Driver Easy Pro is the name of the premium version whereas Driver Easy is the name of the free version. It works with Windows XP through Windows 11. Both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows support it. Its key selling point is that users can easily update all of their computer’s hardware drivers with just one click. All users will find the user interface to be clear and simple to use.

Features of Easy Driver
These characteristics of the program Drive Easy make it a need for every Windows user.
• Updates with a single click all out-of-date hardware drivers.
• Identifies missing and incorrect drivers automatically.
• Device makers have reviewed and approved all downloaded drivers.
• Each driver is compatible with the matching version of the operating system.
• Describes the variations between the most recent and earlier drivers for a given piece of hardware.
• Manually decide which drivers should be updated and which shouldn’t.
• A sufficient free trial version is available.
• Updates drivers more quickly than the majority of driver updaters.
• Compatible with both the most recent and earlier versions of Microsoft Windows;

• Checks the system details of various hardware on your computer.

Are You Looking For Driver Easy?
You could be pondering whether or not you really need to install the Driver Easy computer program. To begin with, you must comprehend the first demand for updating the hardware drivers.
The majority of hardware issues, including improper monitor resolution, unresponsive printers, and system crashes due to driver errors, are brought on by out-of-date or improperly matched drivers for the hardware on your computer.
To address any bugs on their hardware products, manufacturers of hardware components periodically provide updated drivers. In order to resolve any problems you may be having when using the device, you should update the driver as soon as possible.
You must spend a lot of time looking for the most recent drivers for the devices on your computer if you don’t have driver updater software. From Device Manager or the websites of the manufacturers, you can perform it manually.
Instead, you can automate all of these tasks by using a driver updater program. As a result, you may download the most recent, approved, and compatible drivers for all of your computer hardware components while also saving time and effort. One of the best and quickest driver updaters on the market is unquestionably Driver Easy.

How Safe Is Driver Easy For Your PC?
Now that you know how beneficial Driver Easy is and why you require it on your computer, it’s time to learn the solution to your biggest Driver Easy concern.
Is it safe to use Driver? How safe is Driver Easy Pro? Is the application a virus or malware? These are a few of the often asked questions we receive from internet users who want to use Driver Easy but are confused by certain scathing online reviews.
Yes, Driver Easy is safe to use on any PC, is the quick response to all of these inquiries. You will evaluate Driver Easy from every angle, from performance to security and safety, to support our claim and determine whether it is a secure tool to install on your computer.
Is Driver Easy Safe in Terms of Performance?
When a piece of software doesn’t consume an excessive amount of resources or have an impact on the computer’s overall performance, it can be said to be safe in terms of performance.
We tested the application on our machine, and it takes less than 1% of the CPU and roughly 50 MB of memory when it is running. Driver Easy does not consume a lot of memory or tax the CPU, thus it is reasonable to assume that it has no impact on overall performance.
However, it could consume more memory than usual when downloading and upgrading several drivers. If this is the case, you can use the software when your computer is not in use so that it can update all of the drivers without causing latency.

Is Driver Easy malware or a virus?
First of all, the Windows Security app’s scan of the software will not produce any results indicating that it is not malware or a hoax. Few people, meanwhile, actually see the Windows Security software as a reliable virus and malware scanner.

We employed our third-party antivirus and malware scanner because of this, and the outcome was the same. As a result, there is no precaution to take and you can install the application on your computer without risk in order to update drivers as necessary.

The website of Driver Easy is secure.
Users must download and install the Driver Easy software for Windows from the company’s official website, and many have spoken negatively about the site.
You must conduct a financial transaction through the website if you are thinking about acquiring the Driver Easy Pro version. In this situation, it is important to inquire about how safe the website is to use.
Testing has been done, and there are no issues with the Driver Easy website to draw attention to. The website features helpful information to address the different problems Windows users frequently have in addition to advertising their product. As a result, you shouldn’t think twice about downloading Driver Easy from their official website.

Last Words
When it comes to using Driver Easy as a driver updater program, there is nothing to be concerned about. The program comes in quite handy for routine hardware driver updates.
The fact that it is absolutely safe to use and neither a virus nor malware is most crucial. Installing it on Windows will allow you to quickly update the drivers whenever necessary.
Is It Safe To Use Driver Easy On Older Windows Versions?
Windows XP and later versions are compatible with Driver Easy. It is not advised to install Driver Safe if your operating system is older than Windows XP.

Is Using Driver Update Software Required When Updating Drivers?
No, a driver updater is not required to update the drivers for your hardware. Although you can complete the task manually, a driver update makes it quick and simple with just one click.
How Are Driver Easy Online Reviews And Expert Reviews?
With a few exceptions, online reviews and professional evaluations of Driver Easy are generally favorable. The Guardian, TechRadar, PC World, MakeUseOf, and numerous more publications all endorse it.
Is It Safe To Download Driver Easy Software Without An Antivirus Program On A Computer?
Yes, you may download Driver Easy without risk to your computer, and you do not need to scan it to see whether it contains malware or a virus that could damage it.

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