Exploit Pack Pro 15.07 + Crack 2023

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Published date: 23 December 2022
22 January 2023 on 4:00 pm

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Exploit Pack Pro: In addition to zero-day exploits, more than 39.000+ exploits, and other features such as vulnerabilities that have not yet been found, the Exploit Pack Pro is a multiplatform exploitation toolkit that contains post-exploitation modules. It has not yet been found out, and right now it is being made ready for the next victim. The testing procedure performed by hands-on security professionals can be facilitated with the use of a program called Exploit Pack. This particular group of information security experts was taken into consideration during the development of Exploit Pack Pro.

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  1. From vulnerability to underlying code
    Exploit Pack Pro is capable of simulating actual attack scenarios and locating possible vulnerabilities in your protected environment before malicious actors can. Do not stop at simulation assaults; instead, continue on to the next level with the Exploit Pack Framework.
  2. User-friendly graphical user interfac
    Attack Pack’s powerful graphical user interface makes it simple to use and enables quick configuration changes, which are necessary for adapting exploit codes, post-exploitation modules, and utilities to the ever-changing dangers that are present.
  3. Instructions on more advanced techniques
    By providing free monthly online live trainings, which are available to all users of our Exploit Pack Pro, we assist you and your team in unlocking advanced security capabilities, learning new methodologies, exploit creation, reverse engineering, and attack simulations.
  4. Zero-day vulnerabilities discovered at our R&D lab
    Gain access to our currently active zero-day exploits, and when new vulnerabilities are identified in our lab, you will receive these new exploit codes as an upgrade to your Exploit Pack Pro. (Only accessible by purchase of the full license)
  5. Post-Exploitation modules
    We do all aspects of penetration testing, beginning with discovery and ending with persistence. Utilize the post-exploitation modules provided by Exploit Pack in order to strengthen the resilience of your system and evaluate how effective your present configuration of EDR/Antivirus and NGFW is.



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  • published date : 2022
  • version : 15.07
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  • file size : 141.MB
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