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Published date: 5 December 2022
28 December 2022 on 10:08 am

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MediaMonkey Gold

The media collection manager of choice for dedicated enthusiasts is MediaMonkey Gold. It classifies audio and video files, regardless of where they are stored—on a hard drive or across a network—and organises them into several “collections” (e.g. contemporary, classical music, audiobooks, home movies, tv, videos, etc).

MediaMonkey Gold searches Freedb and the internet for album art and data and tags them, it has an automated renamer that can rename files and organize them, and it has a playlist manager that can organise your mixes. It provides you with a CD ripper, podcast manager, and downloader so that you may construct your own library. Additionally, it provides you with a CD/DVD Burner, UPnP/DLNA server, and sync manager so that you can share your library. It is compatible with practically any device, including Android, iPhone, iPod, and other smartphones, as well as a wide variety of televisions and DVD players, thanks to the built-in converting capabilities it possesses (via DLNA).

Its player is able to make adjustments to the volume levels on its own and has a Party mode that hides the user interface while it is being used at public events. First and foremost, it is very customizable since it is compatible with hundreds of scripts, plug-ins, and visualisations that can be added to better suit your requirements. It will catalogue your CDs as well as audio files in OGG, WMA, MPC, FLAC, APE, and WAV format. Enjoy!

Features :

  1. Care for Your Media
    Manage playlists and audio/video files for a movie or music collection with 100 to 100,000+ items. Organize, browse, or search for music using criteria such as genre, artist, year, rating, etc. and stop wasting time looking for files that you are sure you have. The serious collector’s organiser for movies and music is MediaMonkey.
  2. Determine the Tracks and Tags
    Automatically discover movies and music that are incomplete, have mismatched tags, or are duplicates of other works.
  3. Rename and organise
    Create a logical structure by automatically renaming and organising the music and video items on your hard disc. rather than scattering them aimlessly over your hard drive.
  4. Playlists may be easily created. Simply drag and drop your music to mix mp3s and movies from your library. You can also use the Auto-DJ to generate a mix for you or build AutoPlaylists based on basic search parameters.
  5. Using the high-quality LAME MP3 encoder, M4A encoder, OGG encoder, WMA encoder, or FLAC encoder, you may record and convert CDs to be stored on your hard drive. Convert audio and video files while maintaining tag information from practically any audio and video format.
  6. Sync Sync with the majority of Android phones, iPhones, iPods, and other portable audio and video devices. To sync music and video files, as well as associated data like Album Art, ratings, play history, and playlists, with a variety of portable devices, simply click the Sync button.
  7. Utilizing the integrated burner powered by PrimoBurnerTM, burn and play audio CDs. Use the most dependable CD burning engine available to easily produce CD masterpieces by choosing any audio tracks or playlists. Play CDs and music files from your computer (MP3, AAC/M4A, OGG, WMA, MPC, APE, FLAC, WAV, WMV, AVI, MP4, MKV, etc.).
  8. Statistics and Reports
    Create Excel, HTML, or XML files with statistics and other reports on your music collection so that you may share it with others. If you’re analytical about your music, Media Monkey provides you with all the necessary reports.
  9. Customize
    To make it do what you want, you may personalise it using Skins, visualisations, plug-ins, and other additions. Create custom Auto-DJ rules or integrate it with other programmes like sound editors, add-ons for metadata search, customizable reports, and customised displays.


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