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Published date: 8 January 2023
19 January 2023 on 12:36 pm

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n-Track Studio

n-Track is a piece of music editing software that allows for the recording of sounds on multiple tracks. Professionals will find this program useful for recording, editing, and mixing audio. Users are given the ability to record music, listen it back, add a MIDI track, mix and alter the tracks by adding effects, and publish their creations on various social networking networks. Mixing capabilities are available to users, and they may alter levels, apply equalization, and add stereo and mono audio tracks. In addition to this, it gives users access to a community online that enables them to work together with other musicians in the creation of music. Obtainable as a desktop application for Windows and Mac as well as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Earns money by selling software and providing the option to make purchases within the program itself.


Creates an intuitive and user-friendly multitrack audio recording studio on your own computer. n-Track Studio is the appropriate tools for high quality audio recording, encoding, mixing, and editing. Record, edit, overdub your audio tracks, apply effects, handle audio live input, mix and then make audio CDs, or produce mp3 files.

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Features :

  1. The number of audio and MIDI tracks that may be recorded and played back is practically limitless.
  2. Each channel or track supports the addition of effects through DirectX, VST, and ReWire.
  3. Effects such as reverb, compression, parametric and graphic equalisation, echo, auto-volume, pitch shift, chorus, multiband compression, and a spectrum analyzer are included as built-in features.
  4. Asio, WaveRT, WDM, MME, and DirectSound are among the sound card formats that are supported, along with bit depths of 16 and 24, as well as sampling rates of up to 192 kHz.
  5. Because it is compatible with multichannel ASIO, WaveRT, WDM, and MME audio drivers, n-Track is able to function with virtually any soundcard that is commercially available today while maintaining the lowest possible level of latency.
  6. VST Instruments and DirectX Instruments are both supported by this synth plug-in. Without the need for pricey hardware MIDI synthesisers, sample-accurate MIDI tracks may be delivered to MIDI synths that are implemented as VSTi or DXi plugins in software.
  7. You may tweak the effect parameters while hearing the immediate outcome of your changes.
  8. Built-in effects include reverb, compression, parametric and graphic EQ, echo, pitch shift, chorus, multiband compression, and spectrum analyzer. Other built-in effects include auto-volume, pitch shift, and pitch shift chorus.
  9. DirectX, VST 2.0, and ReWire plug-ins developed by third parties are supported.
  10. Every channel supports the application of real-time audio effects.
  11. Asio, WaveRT, MME, and DirectSound are among the sound card formats that are supported, along with sampling rates of up to 192 kHz. Supports 16-bit and 24-bit single- and multichannel soundcards.
  12. Processing of live signals is made possible with plug-ins thanks to the input processing. Record the “dry” (unprocessed) signal during processing, and then reprocess the recording at a later time — for example, play the guitar through a distortion plug-in, and then modify the distortion level after the recording has been made!



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