O&O DiskImage Professional 18.2.201+ Crack 2023

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Published date: 9 January 2023
19 January 2023 on 12:38 pm

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O&O DiskImage Professional

The sophisticated disk imaging program known as O&O DiskImage Professional gives users the freedom to back up individual files or a whole machine at any time they want. The O&O DiskImage Professional Edition is a powerful system and file backup tool program that enables you to generate backups of your whole computer, as well as your system, files, and folders, as well as partitions and disks. It enables you to generate image backups, replicate, clone, and even restore backups onto computers that have hardware that is different from the original system. You will never have to worry about losing data again since the application will assist you in fast restoring vital data even if the image is of a different version, and it will do much more besides.

SSD devices and the most recent UEFI System are both supported by O&O DiskImage Professional. It gives you everything you need to back up, manage, restore, and retrieve your data with ease all in one convenient package. All of the elements are bundled together into a solitary, user-friendly solution, which monitors and alerts users to potential security dangers in addition to other functions.

O-O-DiskImage software


  1. Simply pressing a button will back up the entirety of a computer.
  2. Backup system and hard drives, clone drives and whole disks
  3.  Introducing a completely new file-based backup system that is now twice as fast as previous iterations and can back up and restore individual files and/or directories.
  4. O&O DiskImage : Direct production of VHD and VHDX files
  5. Keeping an eye on potential security threats and issuing warnings
  6. Backups that are incremental or differential back up just the modified data.
  7. O&O DiskImage : Restoring files, folders, drives, and disks couldn’t be easier.
  8. Restoring the system onto a separate piece of hardware (M.I.R.)
  9. Directly from within the software, you may create a Windows Boot system complete with driver integration.
  10. O&O DiskImage : Simply plug in the device, and the selected files and folders will be backed up and synced automatically.
  11. Adjusts itself to match the DPI value chosen on the connected display, allowing for variable pixel density settings.
  12. Added and improved functionalities Command-line-based control is available.



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  • published date : 2023
  • version : 18.2.201
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  • file size : 50.MB
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