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PDF Annotator

PDF Annotator

Using the PDF Annotator tool, you can add comments, corrections, signatures, highlights, even photographs, designs, and drawings to any PDF document. Any PDF reader program may view and read all annotations because they are stored back directly into the PDF file. Enjoy!

The clever logic of PDF Annotator detects efforts to draw straight lines and creates flawlessly straight lines from them. You don’t have access to a fax or printer when you’re on the road. To sign and send back papers, just utilise PDF Annotator for PC. No restrictions apply when creating bespoke stamps! Any type of annotation, including combinations of pictures, symbols, text, and handwritten markup, can be made into a stamp to be used again later.

PDF Annotator

PDF documents can be given page numbers. Select the position, format, and numbering system that you like most. even accommodates multiple page ranges. To attract attention to key elements in your document, use arrows, lines, rectangles, or circles. You may even design tiny schematic diagrams.

Use your internal or external USB camera to take pictures, then add them to your PDF. Pixelize sensible information like faces and licence plates in photos that are put into PDF documents. To produce a PDF document in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, your email programme, or any other application, simply pick the Print command.

To back them up, transfer them to different machines, or share them with colleagues, you may quickly export all of your stamps or even all of your PDF Annotator settings.

How does Annotator operate?

Any PDF document may be annotated with notes.
comments, amendments, highlights, signatures, and even pictures and sketches. Handwritten annotations are also supported on tablet PCs.

In the original file, save annotations.
Share them through email with coworkers, clients, business partners, or the writers themselves. The marked-up document may be viewed without any additional software!

At any moment, return to the original document.
With one click, all markup may be removed or hidden.

Add blank pages for more space
Combine, copy, rearrange, or delete pages from documents.

Utilize the distinctive presenting manner of PDF Annotator.
Utilizing PDF Annotator as your “digital whiteboard,” provide engaging interactive presentations during meetings or classes.

Who requires a PDF Annotator?

  • Add a brief note to a lengthy document.
  • Fill out the necessary paperwork, sign it, and send it back to us.
  • On your screen, you may examine, edit, and proofread a document.
  • On the pages, make notes and doodles.
  • Explain your suggestions and thoughts.
  • On your desktop, laptop, or tablet computer, grade student papers.

PDF Annotator1

Features :

  1. Redesigned Full Screen Mode in its entirety;
  2. Full-screen sidebar and menu;
  3. Customization of the entire screen;
  4. Options for a full screen;
  5. a camera capture;
  6. a picture editor
  7. Show external annotations;
  8. send an email
  9. Zoom Past;
  10. Options for resizing
  11. Page Backgrounds & Sizes Additional;
  12. page references;
  13. Choose and Move Pages;
  14. Add or Attach Copies of Pages;
  15. Text Extractors;
  16. Helpers for graphical tools;
  17. Change font styles;


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