Windows 11 Manager 1.1.9 + Crack 2023

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Published date: 9 January 2023
22 January 2023 on 4:16 pm

Windows 11 Manager logo

Windows 11 Manager

The Windows 11 Manager The complete solution for Windows 11 optimization, modification, maintenance, and cleanup It comes with more than forty distinct tools to personalize your copy of Windows 11 and optimize, adjust, clean up, speed up, and repair your system. It also helps your system run more quickly, fixes system flaws, boosts stability and security, and satisfies all of your requirements. All of these applications, as well as others, are part of the all-in-one program called Windows 11 Manager, which was created especially for Microsoft Windows 11.

Features :

  • Information
    allows users to establish a system restore point manually; reveals specifics about the hardware and operating system of your computer, and helps you locate the product key for Microsoft programs like Windows and Office; displays all active processes and threads and manages them; The Repair Center offers help in locating and repairing a number of system problems ;Users who are not very familiar with computers might benefit from the Optimization Wizard since it cleans up their system with only one click.
  • Optimizer
    makes changes to your system that will improve performance and speed; controls and customizes the Windows boot menu as per your preferences; The Startup Manager is in charge of managing every application that starts when Windows boots up, as well as inspecting and fixing advanced startup items to reverse any harmful alterations done by viruses; managing and streamlining the performance of the system’s drivers and services; manages and improves the performance of the scheduled activities on your system, allowing it to operate more rapidly.
  • Cleaner for Windows 11 Manager
    Disk Analyzer can assess how much space each program, file, and folder takes up on your hard disk and display this data in a chart; securely clears the WinSxS folder to reduce the component store’s size; With Smart Uninstaller, programs may be fully deleted from your computer without leaving any files or Registry traces behind; With Desktop Cleaner, you can review and transfer unused shortcuts, files, and folders from the desktop to certain locations. This program also looks for and deletes unnecessary items to free up disk space and improve performance. to save disk space, looks for and eliminates superfluous files; In order to shorten registry access times, improve application responsiveness, remove errors, and clean up registry corruption, Registry Defrag rebuilds and reindexes your registry. Registry Cleaner searches the Registry for incorrect items to find and eliminate.
  • Customization
    alters the settings for File Explorer, Desktop, Start, Taskbar, and Notification Area to your liking; increases the amount of files, directories, and hardware on Desktop and This PC; the desktop, taskbar, or start menu have the files or folders pinned; builds the jump list for the quick startup items in the Taskbar; when a file, folder, etc. is right-clicked, controls the context menu; modifies the shortcut menu for Win + X that displays when you right-click Start; changes the Microsoft Modern UI and Windows Apps settings. short cuts that are used in the Run dialog box are edited and added. alters the way your system looks.
  • Security
    enhances system security by changing a variety of settings, limiting access to drives and apps, and altering system, component, UAC, and Sign-in settings; Encrypt your crucial files and folders for privacy and protection, and move system folders to secret locations. On logical disks, File Undelete can retrieve and restore deleted or formatted items. It is possible to lock some system features to improve security.
  • Network
    Your internet connection and network settings are optimal; alterations are made to Microsoft Internet Explorer’s browser settings; Switching between various network setups is easy with an IP Switcher; in order to speed up system internet browsing, changes the Hosts file; Wi-Fi Manager allows you to view and manage all of your wireless networks.
  • Other Services
    produces planned tasks or the monitoring that triggers activities; displays and operates the handy group of Windows tools; divides a file into several smaller files or recombines the original file; Super Copy is an effective program for instantly copying files; Using registry tools, easily maintain your registry.



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  • published date : 2023
  • version : 1.1.9
  • format : RAR
  • file size : 22.4 MB
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