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Published date: 23 December 2022

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WinLicense provides software developers with the most powerful and flexible technology that enables them to safely distribute trial and registered versions of their products. This technology combines the same degree of safety that Themida provides with the capability of comprehensive licensing control.

WinLicense is a robust security solution that was created specifically for software developers who want to safeguard their programs against sophisticated reverse engineering and software cracking. WinLicense was built to protect software from being stolen. To secure their apps using WinLicense, developers do not need to make any modifications to the source code or have any prior expertise programming.

WinLicense employs the protection technology known as SecureEngineĀ®, which is able to run its code at the highest priority level to apply protection strategies that have never been seen before. This affords any application the best possible degree of safety and protection.

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  1. Using many levels of encryption to keep an application’s code and data secure.
  2. Detection of cracking tools using advanced technology.
  3. Code that may be executed, data, and application programming interfaces (APIs) within the application are all scrambled up to prevent any conceivable reconstruction of the original application.
  4. Protection from disassemblers as well as debuggers.
  5. SDK allows for communication in both directions between SecureEngineĀ® and the program being secured.
  6. Protection settings and dialogs that may be completely personalized.
  7. Multiple designs of virtual machines for the purpose of virtualizing code and protecting it from tracing and reverse engineering.
  8. Plugin system that will allow you to add your own code at certain times throughout the protected boot code.



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